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71-201 Practice of barbering; barber shop; barber school; license required; renewal; disciplinary actions; prohibited acts.
71-201.01 Repealed. Laws 1978, LB 722, § 24.
71-201.02 Repealed. Laws 1983, LB 87, § 25.
71-202 Barbering, defined.
71-202.01 Terms, defined.
71-203 Barbering; exemptions.
71-204 Barber; certificate; qualifications required.
71-205 Repealed. Laws 1983, LB 87, § 25.
71-205.01 Repealed. Laws 1983, LB 87, § 25.
71-206 Repealed. Laws 1983, LB 87, § 25.
71-207 Repealed. Laws 1971, LB 1020, § 33.
71-207.01 Barber school; application to open; fee.
71-207.02 Barber school; application for certificate of registration; proof required; factors to be considered in passing on application.
71-208 Barber school or college; requirements for approval; course of instruction; standards set by rules and regulations.
71-208.01 Barber school or college; payment of wages, commissions, or gratuities forbidden; operation of barber shop in connection with school or college, prohibited.
71-208.02 Barber school; registered instructors and assistants; qualifications.
71-208.03 Barber school; services; performed by regularly enrolled students.
71-208.04 Barber school or college; bond; conditions; exceptions.
71-208.05 Repealed. Laws 1982, LB 592, § 2.
71-208.06 Registered barber instructor; license; expiration.
71-208.07 Barber instructor; inactive status; renewal of registration; failure to renew for five years; effect.
71-208.08 Barber school or college; cosmetologists; barbers; course hours; credit.
71-209 Examinations; application; fee.
71-210 Examinations; scope; when and where held; reexamination.
71-211 Certificates of registration; kinds; issuance; when authorized.
71-211.01 Licensee; license expired while serving in armed forces; reinstatement; requirements.
71-212 Practice of barbering in another state or country; eligibility to take examination; successive examinations; failure to appear; notice of next regular examination.
71-213 Repealed. Laws 1983, LB 87, § 25.
71-214 Repealed. Laws 1983, LB 87, § 25.
71-215 Certificate of registration; certificate of approval of schools; how and where displayed.
71-216 Registered barber instructor, assistant barber instructor, or barber; barber school; renewal of registration or license; barber on inactive status; renewal of license; failure to renew for five years; effect.
71-216.01 Applicant; certificate; examination; failure to pass; effect.
71-217 Barbering; certificate; denial, suspension, or revocation; grounds.
71-218 Certificate; refusal, suspension, or revocation; notice; hearing; powers of board; powers of district court.
71-219 Barbering fees; set by board; enumerated.
71-219.01 Application for license to operate barber school or college; form; contents; transfer; fees.
71-219.02 Application for license to establish a barber shop; form; contents; transfer; fees; inspection.
71-219.03 Board of Barber Examiners; set fees; manner; annual report.
71-219.04 Barber shop or school; reinspection; fees.
71-219.05 Repealed. Laws 2022, LB705, § 5.
71-220 Violation; penalty.
71-220.01 Violation; nuisance; abatement or other relief.
71-221 Board of Barber Examiners; established; members; qualifications; terms; appointment; removal.
71-222 Board; officers; compensation; expenses; records; reports; employees.
71-222.01 Director; serve at pleasure of board; salary; qualifications; bond or insurance; premium.
71-222.02 Board of Barber Examiners Fund; created; use; investment.
71-223 Board; rules and regulations; inspections; record of proceedings.
71-223.01 Barber shops and barber schools; sanitary requirements; inspections.
71-223.02 Barber schools; sign required; advertising requirements.
71-223.03 Repealed. Laws 1982, LB 592, § 2.
71-223.04 Class of instruction; temporary permit; issuance; requirements; fee; period valid; bond.
71-224 Act, how cited.
71-225 Legislative declarations.
71-226 Repealed. Laws 1978, LB 722, § 24.
71-227 Board; investigate conditions and practices; notice and hearing; order.
71-228 Board; practice and procedure in accordance with rules and regulations.
71-229 Repealed. Laws 1978, LB 722, § 24.
71-230 Board; oaths; witnesses; fees; compel testimony to be given; subpoena; serving of papers by sheriff.
71-231 Board; investigations; matters to be considered.
71-232 Board; adopt rules and regulations.
71-233 Repealed. Laws 1978, LB 722, § 24.
71-234 Certificate of registration; board; suspend or revoke; notice; hearing.
71-235 Appeal; procedure.
71-236 Repealed. Laws 1953, c. 238, § 7.
71-237 Expenses of administration; how paid.
71-238 Reciprocal licensure agreements; board; powers.
71-239 Foreign licenses; recognition; board; powers.
71-239.01 Foreign licenses; recognition; licensure without examination; application; form; contents; issuance; appeal.
71-240 Board; review foreign licensing requirements.
71-241 Board; reciprocal agreement; conditions.
71-242 Reciprocal agreement; applicant for licensure or registration; requirements; failure to qualify; effect.
71-243 Reciprocal agreement; terminated; when.
71-244 License granted under reciprocal agreement; when.
71-245 Reciprocal license; provisions applicable.
71-246 Reciprocal requirements and disabilities; applicable; when.
71-247 Reciprocity; board; establish rules.
71-248 Licensee; change of residence; certified statement.
71-249 Mobile barber shop; license; requirements.
71-250 Mobile barber shop license; application.
71-251 Mobile barber shop; application; review; denial; inspection.
71-252 Mobile barber shop; operating requirements.
71-253 Mobile barber shop license; revocation or expiration; effect.
71-254 Mobile barber shop license; change of ownership or mobile unit; effect.
71-255 Mobile barber shop; owner liability.
71-256 Home barber services permit; issuance.
71-257 Home barber services permit; requirements.
71-258 Client; home inspection; limitations.
71-259 Home barber services; requirements.
71-260 Home barber services permit; renewal; revocation or expiration; effect.
71-261 Home barber services permit; owner; liability.