Nebraska Revised Statute 71-207.02

Chapter 71 Section 207.02


School of barbering; application for certificate of registration; proof required; factors to be considered in passing on application.

Every applicant for a certificate of registration to operate a new barber school shall offer proof sufficient to the board that the establishment of such new barber school will not be detrimental to the public welfare. In considering whether the establishment of a new barber school will be detrimental to the public welfare the board shall consider the need for barber school facilities or additional barber school facilities, as the case may be, in the community where the proposed barber school is to be located, giving particular consideration to:

(1) The economic character of the community;

(2) The adequacy of existing barber shops and barber schools in that community;

(3) The ability of the community to support the proposed barber school;

(4) The character of adjacent communities and the extent to which the establishment of the proposed barber school would draw patrons from such adjacent communities; and

(5) The social and economic effect of the establishment of a barber school on the community where it is proposed to be located, and on the adjacent communities.


  • Laws 1963, c. 409, § 9, p. 1318.