Nebraska Revised Statute 71-242

Chapter 71


Reciprocal agreement; applicant for licensure or registration; requirements; failure to qualify; effect.

The board shall not enter into any reciprocal agreement with any state or country with reference to the practice of barbering as a licensed barber or registered barber instructor for which the board conducts examinations unless every person licensed or registered in such state or country when applying for a license to practice in this state shall show:

(1) That the requirements for licensure or registration were substantially equal to those in force in this state at the time such license was issued; or

(2) Upon due proof that such applicant has continuously practiced the practices or occupation for which application for a license is made at least three years immediately prior to such application.

The applicant shall also pay the fee set pursuant to section 71-219 and provide his or her social security number.

Except as provided in section 71-239.01, any applicant who fails to qualify for such exemption because his or her study or training outside this state does not fulfill the requirements of this section shall receive credit for the number of hours of study and training successfully completed in the particular state where he or she is registered or licensed, and he or she shall be qualified for the examination upon completion of such supplementary study and training in an accredited school of barbering in this state as the board finds necessary to substantially equal the study and training of a qualified person who has studied and trained in an accredited school in this state only. For the purposes of this section, each six months of practice outside of this state of the practices or occupation for which application for a license is made shall be deemed the equivalent of one hundred hours of study and training required in this state in order to qualify for the practice of barbering.