71-219.01. Application for license to operate barber school or college; form; contents; transfer; fees.

Application for a license to operate a barber school or college shall be made on a form furnished by the board. It shall contain such information relative to ownership, management, instructors, number of students, and other data concerning such business as may be required by the board. The board shall collect, in addition to the approval fee, a fee in an amount set by the board for every barber school opened after August 27, 1971. The fee for approval of a barber school or college, the fee for reinstatement of a delinquent license, and the fee for the transfer of license or change of ownership of a barber school or college shall be set by the board. No fee shall be collected if the change in ownership is caused by a present license owner incorporating.

Source:Laws 1971, LB 1020, § 22; Laws 1975, LB 66, § 6; Laws 1997, LB 622, § 91; Laws 2009, LB195, § 58.