Nebraska Revised Statute 71-209

Chapter 71


Examinations; application; fee.

Each applicant for an examination shall (1) make application to the Board of Barber Examiners on blank forms prepared and furnished by the board, such application to contain the applicant's social security number and proof under the applicant's oath of the particular qualifications of the applicant; (2) furnish to the board two portrait-type photographs of the applicant at least passport size but not to exceed three by five inches showing a sufficient portion of the applicant's face with sufficient clarity so as to permit the Board of Barber Examiners to identify the applicant, each of which photographs shall be signed by the applicant, one such photograph to accompany the application and to be attached thereto, and one to be returned to the applicant, to be presented to the board when the applicant appears for examination; and (3) pay to the board the required fee. The applicant shall not be entitled to the return of the required fee by reason of his or her failure to report for the examination.


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