Because being informed is an important part of a citizen's ability to participate in the legislative process, offers several news-related services to its users.

Unicameral Update Online

Each week during the legislative session, the Unicameral Update covers legislative activity, including stories on floor action and committee hearings. Committee hearing schedules are included in each issue, as well as a weekly review of all legislative activities and educational and informational features.

Unicameral Update Online

Unicameral Update Online

Senators' Web Pages

Some senators maintain web pages where they share information about their bills, the progress of the Legislature and other news relevant to their district. Readers can subscribe to their individual RSS feeds to receive the most up-to-date news.

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Watch the Legislature Live

Nebraska Public Media provides live coverage of legislative floor activity and public committee hearings held at the Capitol. These can be viewed as a video stream from Nebraska Public Media's website. For technical assistance with the video stream, contact Nebraska Public Media at (800) 698-3426.

Information about Nebraska Public Media channels and programming is available on their website.