71-219.05. Barber shop; booth rental permit; application; form; contents; issuance; notice of change of work address.

(1) Any barber who leases space on the premises of a barber shop to engage in the practice of barbering as an independent contractor or a self-employed person shall obtain a booth rental permit.

(2) An application for a booth rental permit shall be made on a form furnished by the board and shall include the applicant's name, barber license number, telephone number, and work address, whether the applicant is an independent contractor or a self-employed person, and such other information as the board deems necessary. The applicant's mailing address shall be the work address shown on the permit application.

(3) The board shall issue a booth rental permit upon receipt of an application containing the information required under subsection (2) of this section and the fee established pursuant to section 71-219.

(4) The holder of a booth rental permit shall provide the board with ten days' written notice before changing his or her work address.

Source:Laws 2009, LB195, ยง 60.