Agenda for March 7th, 2019

106th Legislature, 1st Regular Session - Day 38

Thirty-Eighth Day

Thursday, March 7, 2019

9:00 a.m.

One Hundred Sixth Legislature

First Session

  • Prayer by the Chaplain
  • Call to Order - Roll Call
  • Corrections for the Journal
  • Messages, Reports, Announcements
Document Introducer Description
LB354A Pansing Brooks Appropriation Bill

Document Introducer Description
LB715 Hilkemann Appropriate funds to the University of Nebraska for a medicaid research center (Motion made by Sen Hilkemann, Journal Page 638)

Document Introducer Description
LB284 McCollister Change sales and use tax provisions relating to out-of-state retailers and multivendor marketplace platforms

FINAL READING (Bills Preceded with an * Will Require a Vote To Suspend At Large Reading, Pursuant to Rule 6, Section 8)
Document Introducer Description
LR1CA Wayne Constitutional amendment to eliminate slavery or involuntary servitude as a punishment for crime
LB22 Kolterman Change provisions relating to the Nursing Facility Penalty Cash Fund
LB60 Cavanaugh Change terminology relating to shaken baby syndrome
LB74 Williams Provide for validation by certified pharmacy technicians
LB80 Friesen Change motor vehicle identification inspection provisions
LB81 Friesen Change provisions relating to special stops at railroad grade crossings under the Nebraska Rules of the Road
LB111 Howard Change a certificate of title application signature requirement as prescribed
*LB192 McCollister Change provisions relating to veteran designations on operators' licenses and state identification cards
LB192A McCollister Appropriation Bill
LB200 Wishart Change provisions relating to licensure under the Health Care Facility Licensure Act of mental health substance use treatment centers providing civil protective custody of intoxicated persons
LB256e Arch Authorize participation in insurance coverage for members of a community college board of governors
LB307 Albrecht Change provisions relating to certain Department of Environmental Quality Funds
LB52 Stinner Require accountability for and investment of public funds and change provisions relating to the transfer and use of funds under the Nebraska educational savings plan trust
LB152 Brewer State rights of Nebraska National Guard members and provide for confidentiality of members' residential addresses
LB214 La Grone Authorize cession of certain land to the federal government
LB223 Albrecht Provide duties with regard to a state-sponsored insurance program for members of the Nebraska National Guard
LB442 McCollister Require insurance coverage for synchronizing prescription medications
*LB536 Pansing Brooks Adopt the Nebraska Uniform Directed Trust Act
LB25 Kolterman Provide for additional fees under the Uniform Credentialing Act and create the Patient Safety Cash Fund
LB25A Kolterman Appropriation Bill
LB103e Linehan Change the procedure for setting a political subdivision's property tax request
LB119 Arch Provide for immunity from liability, confidentiality of information, and a burden of proof under the Health Care Quality Improvement Act
*LB159e Williams Change provisions of the Nebraska Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association Act
LB185 Friesen Change provisions relating to the special valuation of agricultural and horticultural land
LB203 Briese Change provisions of the Music Licensing Agency Act
LB235 Crawford Change provisions relating to making and serving alcoholic liquor by nonlicensed persons as prescribed
LB333 Slama Update federal references and redefine a term under the Nebraska Milk Act
LB372 Erdman Change provisions relating to classes and subclasses of agricultural land and horticultural land
*LB380 La Grone Change provisions of the Nebraska Property and Liability Insurance Guaranty Association Act
LB406e Gragert Change the Uniform Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act
*LB469 Lindstrom Change provisions of the Surplus Lines Insurance Act and the Property and Casualty Insurance Rate and Form Act and eliminate provisions relating to employee benefit plans
*LB622 Williams Change provisions and provide for pooled collateral under the Public Funds Deposit Security Act
LB624 Williams Change terms of members of the Nebraska Craft Brewery Board

Document Introducer Description
LB224 Albrecht Rename the Nebraska Educational, Health, and Social Services Finance Authority Act and provide for applicability
LB16 Briese Provide for the withholding of records relating to certain critical infrastructure
LB116 Kolterman Authorize electronic delivery of insurance policies and billing information to insureds
LB145 Hansen, M. Change power of attorney provisions relating to banks and other financial institutions
LB384 Walz Change certain education requirements under the Nebraska Real Estate License Act
LB660 Brewer Change provisions relating to the executive director and chief investigator of the Nebraska Brand Committee
LB660A Brewer Appropriation Bill
LB486 Lowe Adopt the Veteran and Active Duty Supportive Postsecondary Institution Act
LB254 McCollister Adopt the Fair Chance Hiring Act
LB48 Stinner Change provisions relating to sufficient cause for nonuse of a water appropriation
LB112 Howard Provide for waiver of certain occupational and licensing fees as prescribed
LB112A Howard Appropriation Bill
LB29 Kolterman Provide and eliminate telehealth provisions
LB575 Brewer Require school district policies regarding the provision of information to and access by military recruiters
LB125 Lathrop Include certain intimate partners who are victims of theft within victim rights statutes
LB399 Slama Change the name and provisions related to the committee on Americanism
LB309 Lathrop Increase the number of district court judges in Douglas County
LB309A Lathrop Appropriation Bill

Document Introducer Description
LB590 Briese Require use of Nebraska Early Childhood Professional Record System for documentation and verification of staff training
LB400 Hunt Change the minimum wage for persons compensated by way of gratuities
LB217 Pansing Brooks Prohibit discrimination against an employee for communicating about employee wages, benefits, or other compensation
LB269 Friesen Change provisions relating to ignition interlock permits and school permits
LB270 Friesen Change provisions relating to motorboats, motor vehicles, state identification cards, and operators' licenses
LB348 Quick Adopt changes to the state building code
LB405 Hunt Adopt updates to building and energy codes
LB130 DeBoer Adopt radon resistant new construction requirements
LB130A DeBoer Appropriation Bill
LB409 Kolowski Adopt design standards for health care facilities
LB287 Quick Change and provide duties for the Game and Parks Commission and change provisions relating to stamps, permits, fees, and hunter orange display requirements as prescribed

  • Messages on the President's Desk
  • Adjourn until Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at 9:00 a.m.