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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB226 Wishart Referral Provide for purchase of motor vehicles and insurance by certain juveniles, change foster care transition proposal provisions, and provide immunity from liability for caregivers
LB227 Wishart Referral Create the Brain Injury Council and Brain Injury Trust Fund
LB287 Wishart Indefinitely postponed Provide duties for the State Child and Maternal Death Review Team
LB429 Wishart Indefinitely postponed Provide for virtual net metering
LB439 Wishart General File Change licensure and regulation provisions for assisted-living facilities
LB440 Wishart Referral Provide immunity from criminal or civil liability for removal of an animal from a vehicle by forcible entry as prescribed
LB538 Wishart Referral Appropriate funds for Legal Education for Public Service and Rural Practice Loan Repayment Assistance
LB622 Wishart General File Adopt the Medical Cannabis Act
LB623 Wishart Referral Change and eliminate provisions and penalties relating to assault on an officer, certain employees, or a health care professional
LB624 Wishart Passed Provide procedure to withhold from the public law enforcement officers' residential addresses in county records
LR19 Wishart Recognize January 16-20, 2017, as Expanded Learning Opportunities Week in Nebraska
LR172 Wishart Referral Interim study to review recruitment and retention efforts that are currently or could potentially be undertaken by the Dept. of Correctional Services
LR173 Wishart Referral Interim study to review the work detail and work release efforts at the community corrections centers
LR213 Wishart Referral Interim study to examine state funding for Nebraska airports and specifically funding for airport capital improvement