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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB104 Friesen Referral Allow aggregation of pecuniary losses for criminal mischief offenses
LB105 Friesen Passed Change certification dates for unpaid county claims
LB106 Friesen Passed Change fees relating to access to drivers' records and provide for a new motor vehicle operator's license services system
LB106A Friesen Passed Appropriation Bill
LB174 Friesen Passed Change provisions relating to highways and highway funding, road classifications, licensure of local highway and street superintendents, motor vehicle safety responsibility, accident reports, and the Nebraska Rules of the Road
LB175 Friesen Referral Change the distribution of sales tax revenue and authorize the use of funds for certain infrastructure projects
LB233 Friesen General File Provide sales and use tax collection duties for certain peer-to-peer rentals of vehicles
LB291 Friesen Final Reading Change provisions relating to property tax protests
LB292 Friesen General File Change provisions relating to partial payments of property taxes
LB343 Friesen Passed Change identification inspection provisions under the Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Act
LB344 Friesen General File Change provisions of the One-Call Notification System Act and create the Underground Excavation Safety Committee
LB344A Friesen General File Appropriation Bill
LB345 Friesen Referral Provide a budget limitation exception as prescribed
LB388 Friesen Select File Adopt the Nebraska Broadband Bridge Act
LB388A Friesen Select File Appropriation Bill
LB454 Friesen General File Adopt the School Property Tax Stabilization Act and change the valuation of agricultural land
LB454A Friesen General File Appropriation Bill
LB455 Friesen Referral Adopt the Broadband Pole Attachment Act
LB456 Friesen Referral Adopt the Nebraska Enhancing Broadband Act
LB520 Friesen Referral Provide for applications for the collocation of certain wireless facilities
LB521 Friesen Select File Change provisions relating to applications for property tax exemptions
LB522 Friesen Referral Change a motor vehicle identification inspection training provision under the Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Act
LB621 Friesen Referral Adopt the Social Media Fairness Act
LB622 Friesen Referral Limit the growth of real property valuations and provide for adjustments to assessed values