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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB17 Erdman Passed Change and eliminate provisions of the Real Property Appraiser Act and the Nebraska Appraisal Management Company Registration Act
LB236 Erdman Referral Change provisions relating to the inclusion of multiple lots in one parcel
LB237 Erdman Referral Change filing requirements of official bonds for school districts
LB238 Erdman Referral Change provisions of the Nebraska Budget Act relating to certifying taxable values
LB342 Erdman Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Nurse Licensure Compact and provide for temporary nursing license for military spouses
LB382 Erdman Passed Change provisions relating to budget limitations for counties
LB431 Erdman Referral Change provisions relating to cash reserves under the Nebraska Budget Act
LB432 Erdman Passed Change provisions of the Nebraska Budget Act relating to allowances for delinquent taxes and anticipated litigation
LB568 Erdman Referral Change provisions related to temporary teaching certificates
LB601 Erdman Referral Change distribution of sales and use tax revenue and provide duties for Department of Revenue
LB602 Erdman Referral Change and eliminate provisions relating to the valuation of agricultural land
LB713 Erdman Referral Change compensation of members of the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
LB829 Erdman Referral Adopt the Property Tax Relief Act
LB899 Erdman Referral Provide for an adjustment to the assessed value of destroyed real property
LB958 Erdman Referral Provide for licensure of a vehicle as a massage therapy establishment
LB1100 Erdman Referral Change the valuation of agricultural land and horticultural land
LR133 Erdman Recognize students from Sioux County High School for their hard work and achievements
LR342 Erdman Congratulate Clayton Butler for winning the 2018 Nebraska Severe Weather Awareness poster contest
LR414 Erdman Referral Interim study to examine the overall impact of the area agencies on aging and their interaction with the Aging and Disability Resource Center
LR488 Erdman Congratulate Amanda Most, Grady Johnson, Brooke Bell, Brytany Gama, Marie Meis, Halie Andreasen, and Jordan Popp on their positions as 2018 Nebraska FFA State Officers