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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB25 Wayne Passed Change provisions relating to the division of ad valorem taxes under the Community Development Law
LB26 Wayne General File Provide a sales tax exemption for residential water service
LB27 Wayne Referral Provide for appropriations to the Nebraska State Historical Society
LB28 Wayne General File Provide for motions for new trial based on newly discovered evidence
LB29 Wayne Referral Replace Arbor Day with Juneteenth as a state holiday
LB30 Wayne Referral Limit the amount an insured pays for prescription insulin drugs
LB31 Wayne Referral Authorize punitive damages as prescribed and provide for distribution
LB70 Wayne Delivered to Governor Authorize the State Athletic Commissioner to regulate professional kickboxing and professional bare-knuckle boxing
LB70A Wayne Delivered to Governor Appropriation Bill
LB71 Wayne Referral Change provisions relating to intentional tort claims under the Political Subdivisions Tort Claims Act and State Tort Claims Act
LB131A Wayne General File Appropriation Bill
LB153 Wayne Referral Include virtual school students in the state aid to schools formula
LB154 Wayne Final Reading Require tracking of student discipline as prescribed
LB155 Wayne General File Change provisions relating to certain paternity proceedings
LB156 Wayne E and R Engrossing Adopt the Municipal Inland Port Authority Act and change provisions of the Site and Building Development Act
LB156A Wayne Select File Appropriation Bill
LB157 Wayne Referral Change provisions relating to grand juries in cases of death during apprehension or custody
LB158 Wayne Referral Provide for restoration of voting rights upon completion of a felony sentence or probation for a felony
LB160 Wayne Referral Change provisions of the Nebraska Hospital-Medical Liability Act
LB216 Wayne Referral Prohibit certain public communications by a peace officer
LB217 Wayne Referral Provide a penalty for filing a false report by a peace officer
LB218 Wayne General File Adopt 2018 Uniform Plumbing Code standards
LB219 Wayne Referral Change legislative declarations and findings relating to traffic congestion in municipal areas
LB220 Wayne Referral Change applicability provisions for building codes
LB221 Wayne Referral Adopt 2021 Uniform Plumbing Code standards
LB278 Wayne Referral Change a penalty for possession under the Uniform Controlled Substances Act
LB329 Wayne Referral Change provisions relating to taxes imposed on the average wholesale price of gasoline
LB330 Wayne Referral Raise the jurisdictional age limit for juvenile court to age twenty-one years for certain purposes
LB331 Wayne Referral Prohibit contractual criminal enforcement of certain offenses related to animals
LB332 Wayne General File Change provisions relating to the city council of a city of the metropolitan class
LB333 Wayne General File Change provisions relating to possession of an electronic communications device in Department of Correctional Services facilities
LB334 Wayne Referral Adopt the Community Work Release and Treatment Centers Act and change provisions relating to the Board of Parole, the Department of Correctional Services, and the Office of Probation Administration
LB489 Wayne Referral Require a financial stability and service capability analysis for certain state contracts
LB544 Wayne Final Reading Adopt the Urban Redevelopment Act and provide tax incentives
LB544A Wayne Final Reading Appropriation Bill
LB545 Wayne Referral Adopt the Games of Skill Act, provide for excise taxes, and use proceeds to reduce school district property tax levies
LB546 Wayne Referral Adopt the Marijuana Control Act and the Marijuana Conviction Clean Slate Act
LB547 Wayne Referral Adopt the Nebraska Small Business Act and provide tax incentives
LB548 Wayne Referral Adopt the Nebraska Racial Justice Act and provide grounds for postconviction relief
LB549 Wayne General File Adopt the Aid to Municipalities Act
LB550 Wayne Referral Change enrollment option limits and provisions for part-time enrollment in schools
LB551 Wayne Referral Change and provide qualifications for and duties relating to certification of law enforcement officers, require accreditation of law enforcement agencies, prohibit chokeholds in law enforcement, require policies on excessive force, and create a public data base of law enforcement officer misconduct
LB552 Wayne Referral Clarify definitions relating to marijuana under the Uniform Controlled Substances Act and schedule nabiximols as a Schedule III controlled substance
LB553 Wayne Referral Adopt the Bed Bug Detection and Treatment Act for cities of the metropolitan class
LB651 Wayne Referral Provide a termination date for the enrollment option program
LB652 Wayne Referral Adopt the Historically Underutilized Business Program Act
LB653 Wayne Referral Require goals for using historically underutilized businesses under the Community Development Law
LB654 Wayne Referral Adopt the Public Entities Investment Trust Act
LB655 Wayne Referral Change tax provisions relating to cigars, cheroots, and stogies
LB656 Wayne Indefinitely postponed Authorize municipalities to provide broadband and Internet services
LB683 Wayne Referral Change provisions relating to net metering
LR2CA Wayne Referral Constitutional amendment to legalize cannabis for persons twenty-one and older and to require legislation
LR18CA Wayne Referral Constitutional amendment to change legislative term limits to three consecutive terms
LR49 Wayne Referral Provide the need for the Legislature to understand the reasons for and circumstances surrounding the natural gas shortages
LR68 Wayne Adopted Recognize March 18, 2021, as Natural Gas Utility Workers' Day
LR69 Wayne Interim study to receive reports and public input under the Municipal Density and Missing Middle Housing Act