Introduced Legislation for January 8th, 2021

107th Legislature, 1st Regular Session - Day 3

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Document Introducer Description
LB139 Briese Adopt the COVID-19 Liability Act and the Health Care Crisis Protocol Act
LB140 Stinner Provide funding for enforcement of railroad safety standards
LB141 Stinner Appropriate funds to the University of Nebraska at Kearney
LB142 Stinner Change provisions relating to General Fund transfers to the Nebraska Cultural Preservation Endowment Fund
LB143 Kolterman Change notice requirements regarding changes in a juvenile's placement
LB144 Kolterman Define terms under the Class V School Employees Retirement Act
LB145 Kolterman Provide for and change audit, reporting, and billing practices under the Class V School Employees Retirement Act
LB146 Kolterman Define and redefine terms relating to school retirement provisions
LB147 Kolterman Change provisions relating to retirement systems for Class V school districts
LB148 Bostelman Transfer certain environmental safety programs to the Department of Environment and Energy
LB149 Albrecht Adopt changes to federal law regarding motor vehicles and motor carriers
LB150 Morfeld Increase the indigent defense court filing fee
LB151 Morfeld Adopt the Prosecutorial Transparency Act
LB152 Slama Change provisions regarding fireworks
LB153 Wayne Include virtual school students in the state aid to schools formula
LB154 Wayne Require tracking of student discipline as prescribed
LB155 Wayne Change provisions relating to certain paternity proceedings
LB156 Wayne Adopt the Municipal Inland Port Authority Act and change provisions of the Site and Building Development Act
LB157 Wayne Change provisions relating to grand juries in cases of death during apprehension or custody
LB158 Wayne Provide for restoration of voting rights upon completion of a felony sentence or probation for a felony
LB159 Urban Affairs Committee Provide for printing or publishing city and village ordinances in electronic form
LB160 Wayne Change provisions of the Nebraska Hospital-Medical Liability Act
LB161 Urban Affairs Committee Provide for the applicability of state and local construction codes
LB162 Urban Affairs Committee Provide a procedure for detachment of real property from the corporate limits of a city or village and eliminate existing detachment provisions
LB163 Urban Affairs Committee Change and eliminate provisions relating to cities, villages, and metropolitan utilities districts
LB164 Erdman Change provisions relating to the establishment of speed limits by local authorities
LB165 Erdman Change provisions relating to the assessment of real property that suffers significant property damage
LB166 Geist Provide for Josh the Otter-Be Safe Around Water Plates and provide powers and duties for the Game and Parks Commission
LB167 Geist Protect religious freedoms as prescribed and provide for certain tort claims
LB168 Hansen, M. Terminate authorization for creation of sanitary and improvement districts
LB169 Hansen, M. Repeal locksmith registration requirements
LB170 Hansen, M. Change provisions relating to the date when compensation begins under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
LB171 Hansen, M. Change provisions of the Employment Security Law relating to weekly benefit amounts and maximum annual amounts
LB172 Hansen, M. Change provisions relating to benefit payments under the Employment Security Law
LB173 Hansen, B. Change provisions relating to carrying a concealed weapon
LB174 Friesen Change provisions relating to highways and highway funding, road classifications, licensure of local highway and street superintendents, motor vehicle safety responsibility, accident reports, and the Nebraska Rules of the Road
LB175 Friesen Change the distribution of sales tax revenue and authorize the use of funds for certain infrastructure projects
LB176 Lindstrom Provide an income tax credit for certain agricultural producers
LB177 Lindstrom Change provisions relating to liens on crops and livestock
LB178 Lindstrom Adopt the Infrastructure Improvement and Replacement Assistance Act and provide for a turnback of state sales tax revenue
LB179 Linehan Transition from elected to appointed county assessors
LB180 Linehan Change provisions relating to certain public statements of the Tax Commissioner and certain estimates of General Fund net receipts
LB181 Linehan Change provisions regarding tax credits for school district taxes paid
LB182 Linehan Exclude certain income from the definition of gross receipts
LB183 Hunt Adopt the Sexual Assault Emergency Care Act and provide for discipline against a hospital's license
LB184 Brewer Provide for an insurance premium deduction from the retirement annuity of certain Nebraska State Patrol employees
LB185 Brewer Appropriate funds to the Department of Health and Human Services for public health aid
LB186 Hilkemann Change provisions relating to the offense of criminal child enticement
LB187 Cavanaugh, M. Change definition of sexual penetration for purposes of sexual offenses
LB188 Halloran Adopt the Second Amendment Preservation Act
LB189 Halloran Change provisions relating to property tax refunds
LB190 Hughes Change provisions relating to use of the Water Sustainability Fund
LB191 Hughes Redefine elector for the Irrigation District Act
LB192 Wishart State intent regarding appropriations for law enforcement training and certification
LB193 Wishart State intent regarding appropriations for law enforcement training
LB194 Vargas Change the Nebraska Job Creation and Mainstreet Revitalization Act
LB195 Halloran Adopt the Faithful Delegate to Federal Article V Convention Act
LB196 Vargas Prohibit discrimination based on lawful source of income under the Nebraska Fair Housing Act
LB197 Vargas Change residency requirements for college tuition purposes for award recipients from the National Service Trust
LB198 Vargas Change provisions relating to the Student Discipline Act
LB199 Vargas Adopt the Face Surveillance Privacy Act
LB200 Vargas Provide a high school graduation requirement relating to federal student aid
LB201 Pansing Brooks Change provisions relating to jurisdiction over juveniles
LB202 Pansing Brooks Change provisions relating to transition of young adults to independence
LB203 Pansing Brooks Prescribe requirements for public colleges and universities regarding criminal history and juvenile court record information
LB204 Slama Change provisions of the Sex Offender Registration Act
LB205 Hunt Change provisions relating to unpaid periodic rent under the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act
LB206 McDonnell Change provisions and penalties relating to arson, trespass, and graffiti
LB207 McDonnell Change provisions relating to the date when compensation begins under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
LB208 McDonnell State intent related to funding for development districts
LB209 McDonnell Change provisions relating to treatment of deferred compensation by certain political subdivisions, state agencies, and the Public Employees Retirement Board
LB210 Murman Change provisions relating to part-time enrollment in public schools and extracurricular activities
LB211 Murman Adopt the Reflexologist Registration Act
LB212 Cavanaugh, M. Prohibit charging members of the Legislature fees for public record requests
LR12 Gragert Express sympathy to the family of Judge Merritt C. Warren
LR13CA Brewer Constitutional amendment to limit the percentage of funding for schools that comes from property taxes
LR14 Halloran Resolution to Congress for convention of the states to propose amendments to the United States Constitution
LR15 Hansen, B. Congratulate the Guardian Angels Central Catholic High School girls' softball team on winning the 2020 Class C state championship
LR16 Hansen, B. Thank Paul Timm for serving seventeen years in education