Agenda for March 1st, 2019

106th Legislature, 1st Regular Session - Day 34

Thirty-Fourth Day

Friday, March 1, 2019

9:00 a.m.

One Hundred Sixth Legislature

First Session

  • Prayer by the Chaplain
  • Call to Order - Roll Call
  • Corrections for the Journal
  • Messages, Reports, Announcements
FINAL READING (Bills Preceded with an * Will Require a Vote To Suspend At Large Reading, Pursuant to Rule 6, Section 8)
Document Introducer Description
*LB82e Friesen Change provisions relating to contracts and state aid for bridges, land acquisition for state highways, functional classification, minimum standards, six-year and one-year plans, and distribution of funds
LB117 Hilgers Change provisions relating to bridge and highway construction contracts, certification of financial showing, and obtaining contract plans prepared by the Department of Transportation
LB190 La Grone Change provisions relating to rule and regulation authority of the Department of Transportation and the Nebraska Aeronautics Commission and provisions relating to school bus loading area warning signs
LB11 Blood Provide for interlocal agreements regarding nuisances
LB32 Kolterman Change defined contribution benefit investment options as prescribed under the County Employees Retirement Act and State Employees Retirement Act
LB42 Hilkemann Provide certain responsibilities and a duty under the Condominium Property Act and a duty under the Nebraska Condominium Act
LB56 Lowe Change special designated licensure provisions under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB57 Morfeld Prohibit regulation of short-term rentals and provide for taxation agreements
LB61 Halloran Change and eliminate provisions relating to rabies
*LB63e Groene Change tax levy provisions relating to rural and suburban fire protection districts and change the Mutual Finance Assistance Act
LB65 Groene Authorize a licensing exception under the State Electrical Act
*LB70 Hansen, M. Adopt the Uniform Voidable Transactions Act and eliminate the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act
LB75 Williams Change terms of members of the Nebraska Grape and Winery Board
*LB78 Williams Change provisions of the Nebraska Uniform Protected Series Act and the Nebraska Uniform Limited Liability Company Act
LB102 Wayne Change references from Big Twelve to Big Ten Conference in provisions requiring a stipend or restricting hours of participation for intercollegiate athletes
LB115 Blood Change provisions related to enrollment of children of members of the military
LB121 Crawford Change provisions on limits on indebtedness from direct borrowing by cities and villages
*LB193 Urban Affairs Committee Change provisions relating to cities of particular classes and villages, correct and include references as prescribed, and eliminate obsolete provisions and repeal definitions
*LB194 Urban Affairs Committee Change provisions relating to cities of the first class as prescribed
LB196 Urban Affairs Committee Change provisions relating to notices of certain zoning matters in cities of the metropolitan class and for hearings under the Business Improvement District Act
*LB258e Williams Change provisions relating to banking and finance
*LB259e Lindstrom Change consumer protection provisions under the Securities Act of Nebraska, the Commodity Code, and the Consumer Rental Purchase Agreement Act
*LB355 La Grone Change provisions relating to money transmitters, installment sales, and mortgage loans
LB71 Hansen, M. Eliminate a cause of action for damages for shoplifting
LB122e Crawford Change postsecondary residency requirements for veterans, family members, and other qualified persons
*LB301e Lowe, at the request of the Governor Transfer duties under the Boiler Inspection Act, the Nebraska Amusement Ride Act, and the Conveyance Safety Act from the Department of Labor to the State Fire Marshal
LB306 Crawford Change provisions relating to good cause for voluntarily leaving employment under the Employment Security Law
*LB359 Hansen, M. Change provisions in the Employment Security Law and Nebraska Wage Payment and Collection Act and relating to appointment of the meatpacking industry worker rights coordinator
LB7 Blood Adopt the Counterfeit Airbag Prevention Act
LB55 Lowe Change powers of copersonal representatives, cotrustees, coguardians, and coconservators, change provisions relating to accounts with POD designations, and authorize persons eighteen years of age to acquire or convey title to real property and to enter into and execute related legal documents
LB146 Hansen, M. Change liability and damages provisions for refusal to accept acknowledged power of attorney
LB154 Brewer Authorize a study to improve reporting and investigation of missing Native American women and children
LB264 La Grone Redefine premises under the Disposition of Personal Property Landlord and Tenant Act
LB22 Kolterman Change provisions relating to the Nursing Facility Penalty Cash Fund
LB60 Cavanaugh Change terminology relating to shaken baby syndrome
LB74 Williams Provide for validation by certified pharmacy technicians
LB80 Friesen Change motor vehicle identification inspection provisions
LB81 Friesen Change provisions relating to special stops at railroad grade crossings under the Nebraska Rules of the Road
LB111 Howard Change a certificate of title application signature requirement as prescribed
*LB192 McCollister Change provisions relating to veteran designations on operators' licenses and state identification cards
LB192A McCollister Appropriation Bill
LB200 Wishart Change provisions relating to licensure under the Health Care Facility Licensure Act of mental health substance use treatment centers providing civil protective custody of intoxicated persons
LB256e Arch Authorize participation in insurance coverage for members of a community college board of governors
*LB302e Hughes, at the request of the Governor Merge the State Energy Office with and rename the Department of Environmental Quality
LB307 Albrecht Change provisions relating to certain Department of Environmental Quality Funds

11:00 A.M. - SELECT FILE
Document Introducer Description
LB214 La Grone Authorize cession of certain land to the federal government
LB52 Stinner Require accountability for and investment of public funds and change provisions relating to the transfer and use of funds under the Nebraska educational savings plan trust
LB152 Brewer State rights of Nebraska National Guard members and provide for confidentiality of members' residential addresses
LB186 Lindstrom Change provisions governing certain documents and adopt the Online Notary Public Act
LB186A Lindstrom Appropriation Bill
LB223 Albrecht Provide duties with regard to a state-sponsored insurance program for members of the Nebraska National Guard
LB442 McCollister Require insurance coverage for synchronizing prescription medications
LB536 Pansing Brooks Adopt the Nebraska Uniform Directed Trust Act
LB622 Williams Change provisions and provide for pooled collateral under the Public Funds Deposit Security Act
LB4 Stinner Change mileage reimbursement and filing fees under the Tax Equalization and Review Commission Act
LB4A Stinner Appropriation Bill
LB185 Friesen Change provisions relating to the special valuation of agricultural and horticultural land
LB372 Erdman Change provisions relating to classes and subclasses of agricultural land and horticultural land
LB103 Linehan Change the procedure for setting a political subdivision's property tax request
LB450 Wishart Change tuition assistance provisions for National Guard members, spouses, and children
LB450A Wishart Appropriation Bill
LB406 Gragert Change the Uniform Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act
LB159 Williams Change provisions of the Nebraska Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association Act
LB380 La Grone Change provisions of the Nebraska Property and Liability Insurance Guaranty Association Act
LB469 Lindstrom Change provisions of the Surplus Lines Insurance Act and the Property and Casualty Insurance Rate and Form Act and eliminate provisions relating to employee benefit plans
LB25 Kolterman Provide for additional fees under the Uniform Credentialing Act and create the Patient Safety Cash Fund
LB25A Kolterman Appropriation Bill
LB119 Arch Provide for immunity from liability, confidentiality of information, and a burden of proof under the Health Care Quality Improvement Act
LB333 Slama Update federal references and redefine a term under the Nebraska Milk Act
LB203 Briese Change provisions of the Music Licensing Agency Act
LB235 Crawford Change provisions relating to making and serving alcoholic liquor by nonlicensed persons as prescribed
LB624 Williams Change terms of members of the Nebraska Craft Brewery Board
LB160 Quick Include early childhood infrastructure development and early childhood care and education programs under the Local Option Municipal Economic Development Act for certain cities and villages
LB195 Urban Affairs Committee Correct statutory references relating to the State Fire Code
LB124 Crawford Change provisions relating to jointly created clean energy assessment districts under the Property Assessed Clean Energy Act
LB127 Hughes Redefine immediate family for purposes of limited permits for hunting
LB139 Kolterman Change provisions relating to a data base of contractors under the Contractor Registration Act
LB319 Moser Change provisions relating to notices, rules, and regulations of the Department of Natural Resources
LB699 Bostelman Change provisions relating to transporter plates
LB8 Blood Allow physician medical directors to display certain vehicle lights as prescribed
LB156 Brewer Provide for the operation, titling, and registration of former military vehicles

Document Introducer Description
LB318 McCollister Change provisions relating to petroleum products liens
LB443 McCollister Require the Department of Correctional Services to allow committed offenders reasonable access to their attorneys
LB627 Pansing Brooks Prohibit discrimination based upon sexual orientation and gender identity
LB141 DeBoer Provide for the offense of assault by strangulation or suffocation
LB354 Pansing Brooks Change provisions relating to sealing of juvenile records

LEGISLATIVE RESOLUTION(s) Eligible For Adoption Pursuant to Rule 4, Section 5(b)
Document Introducer Description
LR33 Kolterman Recognize Senator Sara Howard for her leadership skills and abilities
LR34 Hilkemann Recognize March 2019 as Problem Gambling Awareness Month in Nebraska

  • Messages on the President's Desk
  • Adjourn until Monday, March 4, 2019 at 9:00 a.m.