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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB63 Groene Passed Change tax levy provisions relating to rural and suburban fire protection districts and change the Mutual Finance Assistance Act
LB64 Groene Referral Change and eliminate licensing, training, and internship provisions under the Licensing of Truth and Deception Examiners Act
LB65 Groene Passed Authorize a licensing exception under the State Electrical Act
LB147 Groene General File Change the Student Discipline Act to provide for use by a teacher or administrator of necessary physical contact or physical restraint and provide procedures and grounds for removal from a class in response to student behavior
LB148 Groene General File Change requirements for public hearings on proposed budget statements and notices of meetings of public bodies
LB229 Groene Referral Prohibit certain unlawful acts as prescribed under the Weights and Measures Act
LB393 Groene Referral Increase the documentary stamp tax
LB430 Groene Passed Change dates related to certifications and distributions of state aid to schools
LB431 Groene Referral Change school finance base limitation and local effort rate provisions
LB432 Groene Referral Include tax-increment financing valuation in adjusted valuations for purposes of state aid to schools and change school district levy authority
LB529 Groene Referral Change provisions relating to a property tax exemption for hospitals
LB530 Groene Referral Change the valuation of agricultural land and horticultural land for property tax purposes
LB606 Groene Referral Provide for water augmentation projects and retention of water rights as prescribed
LB675 Groene Passed Change provisions relating to education
LB676 Groene Referral Change provisions relating to school districts and the reorganization of school districts
LB677 Groene Referral Change provisions of the Property Tax Credit Act and provide school district property tax relief aid
LB695 Groene Referral Change provisions relating to the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act, the Property Tax Credit Act, levy limits, and the base limitation
LR151 Groene Referral Interim study to examine the financing of public education and develop recommendations for improving school funding
LR152 Groene Referral Interim study to examine issues under the jurisdiction of the Education Committee
LR153 Groene Referral Interim study to examine the administrative costs of local school systems and school districts
LR154 Groene Referral Interim study to examine statutes related to augmentation projects in relationship to the Nebraska Cooperative Republican Platte Enhancement interlocal project in Lincoln County