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79-901 Act, how cited.
79-902 Terms, defined.
79-903 Retirement system; established; purpose.
79-904 School retirement system; administration; retirement board; powers and duties; rules and regulations.
79-904.01 Board; power to adjust contributions and benefits; repayment of benefit; overpayment of benefits; investigatory powers; subpoenas.
79-905 Retirement board; duties.
79-906 Director; records; contents; employer education program.
79-907 Statement of information; board; powers and duties.
79-908 State Treasurer; duties.
79-909 Auditor of Public Accounts; annual audit; report.
79-910 Retirement system; membership; separate employment; effect.
79-910.01 Retirement system; participation.
79-911 Retirement system; emeritus member; retirement, when.
79-912 Retirement system; employees previously electing nonmembership; election to hold membership; effect.
79-913 Retirement system; membership; election of nonmembership; when.
79-914 Repealed. Laws 2002, LB 407, § 67.
79-915 Retirement system; membership; requirements; certain contemplated business transactions regarding retirement system participation; procedures; costs.
79-916 Retirement system; membership; member of any other system; transfer of funds; when; Service Annuity Fund; created; use; investment.
79-917 New employee; participation in another governmental plan; how treated.
79-918 Repealed. Laws 2017, LB415, § 55.
79-919 Retirement system; membership; employees of postsecondary schools excluded.
79-920 Terms, defined; school plan, membership; participation; requirements; limitations on service.
79-921 Retirement system; membership; termination; employer; duty; reinstatement; application for restoration of relinquished creditable service; payment required.
79-922 Retiree; return to employment; effect; waiver of payments.
79-923 Repealed. Laws 2017, LB415, § 55.
79-924 Repurchase relinquished creditable service; credit for prior years of service; payment; rules and regulations; election; provisions applicable.
79-925 Retirement system; prior member; repayment authorized; limitation.
79-926 Retirement system; members; statement of service record; requirements for prior service credit; exception; reemployment; military service; credit; effect; applicability.
79-927 Service credit; computation.
79-928 Board; verify service record.
79-929 Board; issue prior service certificate; modification.
79-930 Repealed. Laws 1996, LB 1076, § 48.
79-931 Retirement; when; application.
79-932 Retirement; deferment of payment; board; duties.
79-933 Retirement; member; amount of allowance.
79-933.01 Direct rollover; terms, defined; distributee; powers; board; powers.
79-933.02 Retirement system; accept payments and rollovers; limitations; board; powers.
79-933.03 Contributing member; credit for service in other schools; limitation; procedure; payment.
79-933.04 Contributing member; credit for leave of absence; limitation; procedure; payment.
79-933.05 Contributing member; credit for service in other schools; limitation; procedure; payment.
79-933.06 Contributing member; credit for leave of absence; limitation; procedure; payment.
79-933.07 Purchase of service credit or repurchase of relinquished creditable service; rules and regulations.
79-933.08 Purchase of service credit within twelve months of retirement; agreement authorized.
79-933.09 Retirement system; accept transfers; limitations; how treated.
79-934 Formula annuity retirement allowance; eligibility; formula; payment.
79-935 Retirement; increase in benefits; when applicable.
79-936 Repealed. Laws 1998, LB 1191, § 85.
79-937 Repealed. Laws 1998, LB 1191, § 85.
79-938 Retirement allowance; method of payment; election.
79-939 Retirement system; benefits; paid by retirement board.
79-940 Repealed. Laws 2011, LB 509, § 55.
79-941 Total monthly benefit, defined; how computed.
79-942 Supplemental retirement benefit; how computed.
79-943 Supplemental retirement benefit; not applicable; when.
79-944 Supplemental retirement benefit; receipt by beneficiary.
79-945 Supplemental retirement benefit; receipt by beneficiary; duration.
79-946 Retired Teachers Supplementary Benefits Fund; created; termination.
79-947 Adjusted supplemental retirement benefit; determination; computation; payment; funding.
79-947.01 Repealed. Laws 2011, LB 509, § 55.
79-947.02 Repealed. Laws 1999, LB 674, § 12.
79-947.03 Repealed. Laws 2011, LB 509, § 55.
79-947.04 Repealed. Laws 2011, LB 509, § 55.
79-947.05 Repealed. Laws 2011, LB 509, § 55.
79-947.06 Members prior to July 1, 2013; annual benefit adjustment; cost-of-living adjustment calculation method.
79-947.07 Employee who becomes a member on or after July 1, 2013; annual benefit adjustment; cost-of-living adjustment calculation method.
79-948 Retirement benefits; exemption from taxation and legal process; exception.
79-949 False or fraudulent actions; prohibited acts; refusal to furnish information; violations; penalties; denial of benefits.
79-950 Appeal; procedure.
79-951 Retirement; disability; conditions; application; medical examination; waiver.
79-952 Retirement; disability; allowance; formula.
79-953 Retirement; disability; annual medical examination; refusal; effect.
79-954 Retirement; disability beneficiary; restoration to active service; effect.
79-955 Termination of membership; accumulated contributions; return.
79-956 Death of member before retirement; contributions; how treated; direct transfer to retirement plan; death while performing qualified military service; additional death benefit.
79-957 Termination of employment before retirement date; certified service record; statement of accumulated contributions; termination benefits, when.
79-958 Employee; employer; required deposits and contributions.
79-959 Account of member; credit with regular interest.
79-960 Employer; deduction; remittances; fees; interest charge.
79-961 Repealed. Laws 2000, LB 1192, § 28.
79-962 Contract of employment; contents.
79-963 Director; employer and employee; furnish information.
79-964 Employer; pay to board; withholding of excess deduction.
79-965 Payment of compensation less required deductions; discharge of claims for service.
79-966 School Retirement Fund; state deposits and transfers; amount; determination; contingent state deposit; how calculated; hearing.
79-966.01 School Retirement Fund; annual actuarial valuations; powers and duties.
79-967 Board; determine rates of benefits; adjustments; distribution of gains and savings.
79-968 Retirement system; assets; funds; account; investment.
79-969 Beneficiary designation; order of priority.
79-970 Repealed. Laws 2002, LB 407, § 67.
79-971 Accumulated contributions; use.
79-972 Repealed. Laws 2002, LB 407, § 67.
79-972.01 School Retirement Fund; created; use.
79-973 Contingent Account; created; use.
79-974 Expense Fund; created; use.
79-975 Repealed. Laws 2002, LB 407, § 67.
79-976 Investment services; charges; report; state investment officer; duty.
79-977 School district expenditures; not exempt from limitations on spending.
79-977.01 Limitation of actions.
79-977.02 Retirement system contributions, income, property, and rights; how treated.
79-977.03 Termination of system or contributions; effect.