Nebraska Revised Statute 79-957

Chapter 79


Termination of employment before retirement date; certified service record; statement of accumulated contributions; termination benefits, when.

Upon termination of employment for any reason other than death, before qualifying for retirement under section 79-931, the retirement board shall, upon request, issue the member a certified service record and statement of accumulated contributions and retain such member's accumulated contributions. In such event, no further contributions shall be required, regular interest on accumulated contributions shall continue to be credited to his or her account, and none of the member's retirement rights shall be canceled. At age sixty-five or after thirty-five years of creditable service, such member shall become eligible to receive the retirement allowance provided in sections 79-933 and 79-934. Any deferred formula annuity provided shall be based on the member's compensation preceding the date of termination as if the member had retired on his or her date of termination. At the option of the terminating member, and if such member has completed at least five but less than thirty-five years of creditable service, such annuity may commence at any time after such member attains the age of sixty years and before his or her sixty-fifth birthday and shall be reduced by the percentages prescribed in section 79-934. Such election by the terminating member may be made at any time prior to the commencement of the annuity payments.