Nebraska Revised Statute 79-922

Chapter 79


Retiree; return to employment; effect; waiver of payments.

(1) Commencing on September 13, 1997, a beneficiary retired under the School Employees Retirement Act who returns to employment as a school employee, except for members retired under sections 79-951 to 79-954, shall continue receiving retirement benefits and shall be treated for all purposes of the act as a new school employee. A new member account shall be created for such school employee, and the member shall make contributions to such new account and shall receive service credit only for future service commencing from the date of reemployment.

(2) A person receiving a retirement benefit may accept employment in a postsecondary school under the control and management of the Board of Trustees of the Nebraska State Colleges, the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska, a community college board of governors for any community college area established by section 85-1504, or any other state agency without having to waive retirement payments, without having to notify the retirement board, and without being subject to any withholding of future retirement payments relating to any retirement system which is provided for a public school.


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