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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB25 Murante General File Change provisions for presidential electors
LB27 Murante Referral Change requirements for state agency contracts and powers and duties of the Auditor of Public Accounts as prescribed
LB34 Ebke Passed Change filing requirements for partisan candidates
LB36 Harr Referral Provide for review by state agencies of occupational credentials and provide for a critical assessment document
LB38 Harr Indefinitely postponed Authorize electronic or digital signatures for instruments submitted to register of deeds
LB68 Hilgers Select File Prohibit certain regulation of firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories by counties, cities, and villages as prescribed and create firearm offenses
LB75 Wayne Governor Veto Provide for restoration of voting rights upon completion of a felony sentence or probation for a felony
LB76 Wayne Referral Require notice for Secretary of State regarding completion of felony sentence for purposes of voting rights
LB80 Blood Passed Provide for unclassified service under the County Civil Service Act
LB85 Blood Passed Provide a requirement for persons seeking appointive or elective office as prescribed and to provide a duty for the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission
LB89 Hughes Indefinitely postponed Change published notice of hearing requirements under the Nebraska Budget Act as prescribed
LB90 Hughes Referral Require public entity to provide accommodations where Auditor of Public Accounts employee conducts audit or examination
LB101 Stinner General File Change duration requirements for certain state agency contracts
LB111 Hansen Referral Provide for nonpartisan election of county officers
LB112 Hansen Referral Permit registered voters moving within Nebraska without reregistering to vote provisionally
LB127 Groene General File Change notice requirements under Open Meetings Act
LB139 Crawford Referral Authorize change to nonpartisan election of county officers
LB151 Stinner Passed Change and provide for duties of the Auditor of Public Accounts and certain audited entities
LB152 Craighead Passed Change and eliminate provisions relating to the fees for recording and filing certain documents
LB153 Kuehn Referral Prohibit certain officeholders and public employees from being a lobbyist
LB163 Vargas Referral Require additional polling places prior to elections in certain counties
LB183 Hughes Referral Authorize change of nomination and election provisions for county officers
LB197 Kolowski Referral Provide for electronic application for an early voting ballot
LB200 Lowe Passed Change provisions relating to county engineers, county surveyors, and county highway superintendents in certain counties as prescribed
LB209 Watermeier Passed Amend the Administrative Procedure Act by redefining a term and changing provisions relating to an index
LB222 Stinner Passed Change membership and provide, change, and eliminate powers and duties of the Nebraska Tourism Commission
LB237 Erdman Referral Change filing requirements of official bonds for school districts
LB240 Baker Referral Provide for videoconferencing and telephone conferences for school board meetings
LB252 Crawford Referral Change independent expenditure reporting requirements and require electioneering reporting
LB277 Wayne Referral Change population requirements for election precincts
LB280 Crawford Passed Change provisions relating to the Address Confidentiality Act
LB290 Vargas Referral Provide for voter registration upon application for driver's license, state identification card, or certain benefits
LB299 Ebke General File Adopt the Occupational Board Reform Act and change procedures for rules and regulations
LB309 Brasch Referral Eliminate Daylight Saving Time
LB314 Murante Referral Change state and municipal election provisions to conform to prior legislation
LB316 Murante Referral Change election provisions relating to technology and funding
LB318 Hughes Passed Authorize telephone conferencing for meetings of the Nebraska Brand Committee
LB320 Lowe Passed Change provisions relating to bidding and purchases, conflicts of interest in the materiel division, and facilities construction and administration
LB340 Murante Passed Transfer powers and duties from Division of Veterans' Homes of Department of Health and Human Services to Department of Veterans' Affairs
LB364 Walz Referral Change and eliminate licensure, regulation, and penalty provisions under the Professional Landscape Architects Act
LB365 Blood General File Change provisions relating to access to public records and provide for fees
LB369 Lowe Referral Change provisions relating to fees charged by the register of deeds
LB382 Erdman Passed Change provisions relating to budget limitations for counties
LB388 Lindstrom Referral Authorize remote electronic notarial acts
LB421 Murante Referral Change provisions of the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act
LB422 Murante Referral Change provisions of the Election Act
LB423 Murante Referral Change provisions relating to counties
LB426 Murante Referral Change expense reimbursement provisions for state officers and agencies
LB431 Erdman Referral Change provisions relating to cash reserves under the Nebraska Budget Act
LB432 Erdman Passed Change provisions of the Nebraska Budget Act relating to allowances for delinquent taxes and anticipated litigation
LB433 Ebke Referral Require a criminal history record information check for employees who have direct access to federal tax information
LB437 Craighead Referral Change requirements for independent instrumentalities under the Taxpayer Transparency Act
LB451 Murante Passed Change various provisions relating to elections as prescribed
LB458 Harr Passed Change provisions relating to the County Purchasing Act
LB479 Groene General File Change public hearing provisions and redefine a term under the Nebraska Budget Act
LB482 Smith General File Adopt the Government Neutrality in Contracting Act
LB485 Pansing Brooks Referral Create Chief Standing Bear and Indigenous Leaders' Day
LB494 Briese General File Provide for withholding public records relating to energy infrastructure
LB497 Brewer General File Change references to a federal form relating to veterans
LB508 Hilgers Passed Change population threshold for the county civil service system and change provisions relating to personnel policy boards and boards of county commissioners
LB510 Ebke Referral Provide a restriction on installment contracts for the purchase of real or personal property by political subdivisions
LB567 Bolz Referral Change funding for county public assistance offices
LB581 McDonnell Referral Require lobbyists to disclose conflicts of interest to principals and provide for cancellation of contracts
LB603 Riepe Referral Require a high-deductible plan for state employees' health insurance
LB619 Wayne Referral Permit certain counties to conduct elections by mail
LB624 Wishart Passed Provide procedure to withhold from the public law enforcement officers' residential addresses in county records
LB628 Larson General File Prohibit ordinances and resolutions prohibiting certain short-term rentals of residential property
LB644 Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee Passed Provide, change, and eliminate provisions governing boards, commissions, and similar entities
LB652 Kolowski Referral Authorize the display of the Honor and Remember Flag
LB655 Murante General File Authorize state employees to volunteer at public schools and certain nonprofit organizations
LB661 Kuehn General File Provide for confidentiality of information relating to performing a lethal injection
LB663 Kuehn Referral Require a copy of a lobbying contract for lobbyist registration as prescribed
LB664 Kuehn Referral Prohibit a political subdivision from using taxes or fees to employ a lobbyist
LB665 Kuehn Referral Require a statement of activity regarding certain lobbying activity
LB682 Blood Referral Provide consumer protection and civil relief for servicemembers and provide a duty for the National Guard
LB694 Blood Referral Prohibit cities and villages and counties from taxing or regulating distributed ledger technology
LB725 Wayne Referral Change requirements of the Prompt Payment Act
LB746 Watermeier Referral Change provisions regulating the use of the State Capitol and capitol grounds
LB749 Williams Referral Change provisions relating to recording and filing fees
LB753 Brewer Referral Provide for tuition waivers for National Guard members
LB786 Vargas Referral Change terminology related to county government
LB807 Harr Referral Provide for replacement of a statue in the United States Capitol
LB814 Schumacher Referral Provide a procedure to resolve protests of government service contract procurement decisions
LB817 Chambers Referral Change provisions regarding funds of candidate committees
LB825 Brewer Referral Change provisions relating to budgets and public hearing notice for certain governmental entities
LB827 Lowe Referral Provide for disposition of property of members of veterans' homes and change state personnel system exemptions for the Department of Veterans' Affairs
LB831 Wayne Referral Provide annual salary limitations for elected officials of political subdivisions
LB839 Crawford Referral Require reporting regarding electioneering communication under the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act
LB850 Linehan Referral Require disclosure of the anticipated cost to a political subdivision to pay off its bonds
LB859 Hansen Referral Change records relating to employee deaths which may be withheld from the public
LB887 Murante Referral Clarify requirements for exceeding budget limitations under the Nebraska Budget Act
LB902 Bostelman Referral Authorize the withholding from the public of information regarding firearm registration, possession, sale, or use
LB929 Brewer Referral State rights of Nebraska National Guard members and provide that a residential address may be withheld from the public
LB943 Wishart Referral Redefine a term relating to budget limitations
LB948 Murante Referral Change and eliminate provisions relating to rules and regulations
LB959 Murante Referral Provide requirements for returning a ballot for someone else and provide a penalty
LB960 Murante Referral Change provisions of the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act
LB969 Wayne Referral Change signature requirements for nomination of partisan candidates by petition
LB995 Linehan Referral Require the filing of a statement of financial interests by individuals holding elective office of a school district under the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act
LB997 Murante Referral Provide limits on salaries of administrative employees of political subdivisions
LB1000 Briese Referral Require a bond election under the Public Facilities Construction and Finance Act
LB1003 McDonnell Referral Change leave of absence without loss of pay provisions under the Military Code
LB1015 Briese Referral Allow withholding from public of reports of injury under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act that reveal an employee's identity
LB1019 Clements Referral Change boundaries of Nebraska planning and development regions
LB1027 Wayne Referral Provide for restoration of voting rights upon completion of a felony sentence or probation for a felony
LB1032 Murante Referral Provide for a statewide presidential primary election
LB1036 Kolowski Referral Change the expenditure limit for a recognition dinner under the Local Government Miscellaneous Expenditure Act
LB1037 Baker Referral Change provisions of the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act relating to a potential conflict of interest by an elected office holder of certain cities or villages or a school district
LB1038 Thibodeau Referral Provide a deadline for electronic voter registration
LB1058 Halloran Referral Adopt the Faithful Delegate to Federal Article V Convention Act
LB1064 Murante Referral Require election officials to check voter records for deceased individuals and require the Secretary of State to check the citizenship status of all registered voters and applicants to register to vote
LB1065 Murante Referral Permit use of electronic poll books and use of digital images for confirmation of the voter's identity
LB1066 Murante Referral Require photographic identification for purposes of voting
LB1068 Murante Referral Provide for seventeen-year olds to vote in special elections, provide requirements for adjusting political subdivision boundaries, and change voter registration, special election, recall, and initiative and referendum provisions
LB1072 Linehan Referral Change a preference in awarding public contracts and eliminate reciprocal preference provisions
LB1098 Hilgers Referral Change dollar threshold for certain purchasing requirements under the County Purchasing Act
LB1111 Stinner Referral Adopt the Fiscal Stress Management Act
LB1115 Murante Referral Provide population requirements for establishing district boundary lines for legislative districts, Supreme Court districts, and certain political subdivisions
LB1119 Riepe Referral Adopt the Direct Primary Care Pilot Program Act
LB1128 Wayne Referral Prohibit counties, local governments, and certain state entities from spending legislative appropriations under certain conditions
LB1129 Kuehn Referral Prohibit state employees from certain political activities
LB1130 Kuehn Referral Provide a disclosure requirement for certain tax-exempt organizations under the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act
LR1CA Murante General File Constitutional amendment to require voter identification
LR6 Halloran General File Resolution to Congress for convention of the states to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution
LR15CA Morfeld Referral Constitutional amendment prohibiting requiring a voter to present identification prior to voting
LR18CA Larson General File Constitutional amendment to change the age for eligibility for public office
LR71 Murante Referral Urge United States Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly to remove the designation of state election systems as critical infrastructure
LR95 Craighead Referral Provide the Honor and Remember Flag is adopted as an official symbol of the State of Nebraska
LR132 Murante Referral Interim study to examine elections conducted by and on behalf of political subdivisions
LR146 Murante Referral Interim study to examine issues under the jurisdiction of the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee
LR181 Ebke Referral Interim study to examine recommendations for procedures to be used for a convention of the states under Article V of the U.S. Constitution
LR182 Murante Referral Interim study to examine the extent of voter fraud in Nebraska
LR206 Wayne Referral Interim study to examine the potential for counties to have additional authority to pass ordinances within county boundaries
LR223 Blood Referral Interim study to examine Nebraska statutes governing the use of personally identifiable information
LR257 Chambers Referral Petition the appropriate officials to determine if the President is unable to discharge the responsibilities of his office
LR268 Krist Referral Resolution to Congress for convention of the states to propose an amendment to the U.S. Constitution
LR292 Clements Referral Encourage Nebraskans to show respect for Nebraska and its history and encourage recitation of a pledge