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13-2501 Act, how cited.
13-2502 Purpose of act.
13-2503 Terms, defined.
13-2504 Agreements authorized; conditions; transfer of property and employees.
13-2505 Joint exercise of powers.
13-2506 Legislative power; limitation.
13-2507 Power to tax; election; when required.
13-2508 Joint public agencies; creation authorized.
13-2509 Creation; procedure; appointment of representatives.
13-2510 Creation; statement; contents.
13-2511 Creation; Secretary of State; duties; certificate of creation; issuance.
13-2512 Certificate of creation; proof of establishment.
13-2513 Participation by other public agencies; procedure.
13-2514 Representatives; terms; vacancy; expenses.
13-2515 Representatives; number; voting; quorum; meetings.
13-2516 Board; officers; employees.
13-2517 Committees; meetings.
13-2518 Dissolution; withdrawal.
13-2519 Status as political subdivision.
13-2520 Applicability of Political Subdivisions Tort Claims Act.
13-2521 Powers.
13-2522 Liability insurance coverage.
13-2523 Benefits.
13-2524 Bankruptcy petition; authorized.
13-2525 Biennial report; fee.
13-2526 Bidding procedures.
13-2527 Expenditures; bond requirements.
13-2528 Agreement; approval by state officer or agency; when required.
13-2529 Public agencies; powers.
13-2530 Revenue bonds authorized.
13-2531 General obligation bonds.
13-2532 Bonds; treatment.
13-2533 Bond issuance; procedure.
13-2534 Bonds; negotiation; sale.
13-2535 Bonds; signatures.
13-2536 Bond issuance; covenants.
13-2537 Refunding bonds authorized.
13-2538 Refunding bonds; proceeds.
13-2539 Refunding bonds; exchange for other bonds.
13-2540 Other bond provisions applicable.
13-2541 Bond issuance; consent not required.
13-2542 Notice; proceeding.
13-2543 Issuance of bonds; notice.
13-2544 Issuance of bonds; right to contest; procedure.
13-2545 Bonds; investment authorized.
13-2546 Bonds, property, and income; exempt from taxes; when.
13-2547 Act; how construed.
13-2548 Pledge of state.
13-2549 Joint public agency; status.
13-2550 Liberal construction.