13-2527. Expenditures; bond requirements.

(1) All money of the joint public agency shall be paid out or expended only by check, draft, warrant, or other instrument in writing, signed by the chairperson and the treasurer, assistant treasurer, or such other officer, employee, or agent of the joint public agency as is authorized by the treasurer to sign in his or her behalf. The authorization by the treasurer shall be in writing and filed with the secretary of the joint public agency.

(2) In the event that there is no treasurer's bond that expressly insures the joint public agency against loss resulting from the fraudulent, illegal, negligent, or otherwise wrongful or unauthorized acts or conduct by or on the part of any person authorized to sign checks, drafts, warrants, or other instruments in writing, there shall be procured and filed with the secretary of the joint public agency, together with the written authorization filed with the secretary, a surety bond, effective for protection against the loss, in such form and penal amount and with such corporate surety as shall be approved in writing by the signed endorsement thereon of any two officers of the joint public agency other than the treasurer. The secretary shall report to the board at each meeting any such bonds filed, or any change in the status of any such bonds, since the last previous meeting of the board.

Source:Laws 1999, LB 87, ยง 27.