Nebraska Revised Statute 13-2513

Chapter 13


Participation by other public agencies; procedure.

After the creation of a joint public agency, any other public agency may become a participating public agency therein upon (1) the adoption of a resolution by the governing body of the public agency setting forth the determination prescribed in section 13-2509 and authorizing the public agency to become a participating public agency after notice as described in subsection (1) of section 13-2509, (2) application to the joint public agency, and (3) adoption by a majority vote of the representatives, unless the joint public agency's rules of governance require a greater percentage, of a resolution by the board admitting the public agency as a participating public agency. Thereupon the public agency shall become a participating public agency entitled to appoint a representative or representatives in the manner prescribed by sections 13-2509 and 13-2515 and to otherwise participate in the joint public agency to the same extent as if the public agency had participated in the creation of the joint public agency. Upon the filing with the Secretary of State of certified copies of the resolutions described in this section and proof of publication of notice, the Secretary of State shall issue an amended certificate of creation setting forth the names of the participating public agencies, the date of creation, and the name of the joint public agency. Notice shall be given as provided in section 13-2511.