Nebraska Revised Statute 13-2530

Chapter 13


Revenue bonds authorized.

(1) Any joint public agency may issue such types of bonds as its board may determine subject only to any agreement with the holders of outstanding bonds, including bonds as to which the principal and interest are payable exclusively from all or a portion of the revenue from one or more projects, from one or more revenue-producing contracts, including securities acquired from any person, bonds issued by any qualified public agency under the Public Facilities Construction and Finance Act, or leases made by the joint public agency with any person, including any of the public agencies which are parties to the agreement creating the joint public agency, or from its revenue generally or which may be additionally secured by a pledge of any grant, subsidy, or contribution from any person or a pledge of any income or revenue, funds, or money of the joint public agency from any source whatsoever or a mortgage or security interest in any real or personal property, commodity, product, or service or interest therein.

(2) Any bonds issued by such joint public agency shall be issued on behalf of the joint public agency solely for the specific purpose or purposes for which the joint public agency has been created. Such specific purposes may include, but shall not be limited to, joint projects authorized by the Public Facilities Construction and Finance Act; solid waste collection, management, and disposal; waste recycling; sanitary sewage treatment and disposal; public safety communications; correctional facilities; water treatment plants and distribution systems; drainage systems; flood control projects; fire protection services; ground water quality management and control; river-flow enhancement; education and postsecondary education; hospital and other health care services; bridges, roads, and streets; and law enforcement.

(3) As an alternative to issuing bonds for financing public safety communication projects, any joint public agency may enter into a financing agreement with the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority for such purpose.

(4) Any joint public agency formed for purposes of providing or assisting with the provision of public safety communications may enter into an agreement with any other joint public agency relating to (a) the operation, maintenance, or management of the property or facilities of such joint public agency or (b) the operation, maintenance, or management of the property or facilities of such other joint public agency.

Cross References

  • Public Facilities Construction and Finance Act, see section 72-2301.