13-2511. Creation; Secretary of State; duties; certificate of creation; issuance.

The Secretary of State shall examine the statement and, if he or she finds that the name proposed for the joint public agency is distinguishable from any other entity name registered or on file with the Secretary of State pursuant to Nebraska law and that the statement conforms to the requirements of the Joint Public Agency Act, the Secretary of State shall record it and issue and record a certificate of creation. The certificate shall state the name of the joint public agency, the fact and date of creation, and the names of the participating public agencies. Upon the issuance of the certificate, the existence of the joint public agency as a political subdivision and a body corporate and politic of this state shall commence. Notice of the issuance of the certificate shall be given to all of the proposed participating public agencies by the Secretary of State and shall be published in one issue of a legal newspaper for each proposed participating public agency or a newspaper having general circulation in the area served by a proposed participating public agency if no legal newspaper exists for the participating public agency and of one or more newspapers of general circulation in the area to be served by the joint public agency.

Source:Laws 1999, LB 87, ยง 11.