Nebraska Revised Statute 13-2504

Chapter 13


Agreements authorized; conditions; transfer of property and employees.

(1) Any two or more public agencies may enter into agreements with one another for joint or cooperative action pursuant to the Joint Public Agency Act. Appropriate action by ordinance, resolution, or otherwise pursuant to law of the governing bodies of the participating public agencies shall be necessary before any such agreement may enter into force.

(2) Any such agreement shall specify the following:

(a) Its duration;

(b) The general organization, composition, and nature of any joint public agency created by the agreement together with the powers delegated to the entity;

(c) Its purpose or purposes;

(d) The manner of financing the joint undertaking and of establishing and maintaining a budget;

(e) The permissible method or methods to be employed in amending the agreement or accomplishing the partial or complete termination of the agreement and for disposing of property upon such partial or complete termination consistent with section 13-2518;

(f) The manner of levying, collecting, and accounting for any tax authorized under sections 13-318 to 13-326 or 13-2813 to 13-2816 and any allocation of tax authority under section 13-2507; and

(g) Any other necessary and proper matters.

(3) No agreement made pursuant to the Joint Public Agency Act shall relieve any public agency of any obligation or responsibility imposed upon it by law except to the extent of actual and timely performance by a joint public agency created by an agreement made pursuant to the act, which performance may be offered in satisfaction of the obligation or responsibility.

(4) Participating public agencies may transfer property, other assets, and employees to a joint public agency as provided in the agreement. Notwithstanding other provisions of law, if employees are transferred any vested employment rights shall be transferred with the employee and the employee shall be vested with the joint public agency at the time of transfer.

(5) Any governing body as defined in section 13-503 which is a party to an agreement made pursuant to the Joint Public Agency Act shall provide information to the Auditor of Public Accounts regarding such agreements as required in section 13-513.