13-2521. Powers.

The powers of a joint public agency shall include the power:

(1) To sue;

(2) To have a seal and alter the same at pleasure or to dispense with the necessity thereof;

(3) To make and execute contracts and other instruments necessary or convenient to the exercise of its powers;

(4) From time to time, to make, amend, and repeal rules of governance not inconsistent with the Joint Public Agency Act or the terms of the agreement for its creation to carry out and effectuate its powers and purposes;

(5) To adopt and promulgate rules and regulations as authorized for at least one of the participating public agencies and as provided in the agreement;

(6) To acquire, own, hold, use, lease, as lessor or lessee, sell, or otherwise dispose of, mortgage, pledge, or grant a security interest in any real or personal property, commodity, product, or service or any interest therein or right thereto as provided by law;

(7) To incur debts, liabilities, or obligations, including the borrowing of money and the issuance of bonds, secured or unsecured, pursuant to the Joint Public Agency Act;

(8) To borrow money or accept contributions, grants, or other financial assistance from a public agency and to comply with such conditions and enter into such contracts, covenants, mortgages, trust indentures, leases, or agreements as may be necessary, convenient, or desirable;

(9) To fix, maintain, revise, and collect fees, rates, rents, and charges for functions, services, or facilities provided by the joint public agency;

(10) Subject to any agreements with holders of outstanding bonds, to invest any funds held in reserve or sinking funds, or any funds not required for immediate disbursement, including the proceeds from the sale of any bonds, in such obligations, securities, and other investments as the board shall deem proper;

(11) To join and pay dues to organizations, membership in which is deemed by the board to be beneficial to the accomplishment of the joint public agency's purposes; and

(12) To exercise any other powers which are deemed necessary and convenient to carry out the Joint Public Agency Act.

A joint public agency may perform any governmental service, activity, or undertaking which at least one of the participating public agencies is authorized to perform. In exercising its powers under this section to perform any governmental service, activity, or undertaking, a joint public agency shall be subject to the same procedures, regulations, and restrictions as the participating public agency which is granted the power by law to perform the governmental service, activity, or undertaking.

Source:Laws 1999, LB 87, ยง 21.