Introduced Legislation for January 12th, 2023

108th Legislature, 1st Regular Session - Day 7

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Document Introducer Description
LB338 McKinney Change provisions relating to pretrial release, sentencing, failure to appear, revocation and sanctions under probation and parole, and suspension of licenses under the License Suspension Act
LB339 McKinney Provide for confidentiality of prosecutions and adjudications of minors, extend jurisdiction under the Nebraska Juvenile Code, provide requirements for custodial interrogations of juveniles and young adults, prohibit use of certain statements, prohibit sending juveniles out of state, provide for use and reimbursement of reporting centers, and establish a family resource and juvenile assessment center pilot program
LB340 McKinney Change provisions related to expelled students under the Student Discipline Act
LB341 Halloran Adopt the State and Political Subdivisions Child Sexual Abuse Liability Act and exempt actions from the State Tort Claims Act and Political Subdivisions Tort Claims Act
LB342 Hardin Change provisions relating to home inspectors
LB343 Slama Prohibit public contracts with companies that boycott Israel
LB344 Armendariz Exclude certain delinquent taxes from qualifying for tax credit under the Nebraska Property Tax Incentive Act
LB345 Armendariz Define palliative care under the Health Care Facility Licensure Act
LB346 Brandt Redefine qualifying business under the Local Option Municipal Economic Development Act
LB347 Cavanaugh, J. Change provisions relating to catalytic converters
LB348 Wayne Adopt the Community Work Release and Treatment Centers Act and change provisions relating to the Board of Parole, the Department of Correctional Services, and the Office of Probation Administration
LB349 Wayne Change award limitations and appropriations intent language under the Business Innovation Act
LB350 Wayne Adopt the Pioneer Economic Tax Credit Act
LB351 Wayne Increase and eliminate limits on medical malpractice liability and change provisions relating to proof of financial responsibility and the Excess Liability Fund
LB352 Wayne Change criminal justice provisions including offenses, sentencing, set asides, restitution, pretrial diversion, and parole; provide for benefits under the Rural Health Systems and Professional Incentive Act; create criminal justice pilot programs; terminate an oversight committee; and create a task force
LB353 Raybould Provide for grants for projects that increase long-term care facility capacity
LB354 Raybould Change uninsured or underinsured motor vehicle insurance provisions
LB355 Raybould Change a requirement for transportation network company insurance
LB356 Walz Redefine terms under the Nebraska Opportunity Grant Act
LB357 Walz Change the maximum support allowable under the Disabled Persons and Family Support Act
LB358 Walz State intent to increase dental services reimbursement under the Medical Assistance Act
LB359 Hughes Change application deadlines under the Nebraska Broadband Bridge Act
LB360 Cavanaugh, M. Adopt the Office of Inspector General of Nebraska Procurement Act
LB361 Dorn State legislative intent to appropriate funds for the Precision Agriculture Infrastructure Grant Program
LB362 Dorn State intent regarding appropriations for a rate increase for behavioral health services
LB363 Dorn Provide for transfer of duties of clerks of the district court to clerk magistrates
LB364 Hunt Provide for election of election commissioners and eliminate certain deputy positions
LB365 Hunt Permit counties to conduct elections by mail
LB366 Conrad Change provisions relating to public records and include body-worn camera recordings in certain circumstances
LB367 Conrad Adopt the Fair Chance Hiring Act
LB368 Conrad Create a grant program to expand and enhance criminal justice programs in a county with a city of the primary class
LB369 Linehan Change property tax provisions relating to net book value
LB370 Linehan Require a notice relating to the availability of certain tax credits
LB371 Murman Prohibit an individual under nineteen years of age or under twenty-one years of age from being present at a drag show as prescribed
LB372 Murman Change provisions relating to part-time enrollment in public schools and extracurricular activities
LB373 Murman State intent regarding appropriations to the University of Nebraska
LB374 Murman Adopt the Parents’ Bill of Rights and Academic Transparency Act
LB375 Lowe Authorize certain licensees to purchase alcoholic liquor for resale from a gas station, grocery store, liquor store, or similar establishment under certain circumstances as prescribed under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB376 Lowe Change provisions of the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB377 Lowe Change provisions relating to special designated licenses under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB378 McDonnell Change retirement system participation provisions
LB379 Conrad Change provisions relating to civil liability for violations of occupant protection system requirements
LB380 Conrad Changes to the Nebraska Fair Employment Practice Act to provide for jury trials and prohibit discrimination for exercise of rights under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
LB381 Cavanaugh, M. Adopt the Mental Health Wellness Act and authorize county sales and use taxes
LB382 Bostar Provide powers and duties for University of Nebraska police departments and police officers
LB383 Bostar Change provisions relating to insurance coverage for screenings for colorectal cancer
LB384 Bostar Change the distribution of sales tax revenue on aircraft
LB385 Linehan Adopt the Nebraska Teacher Recruitment and Retention Act
LB386 Linehan Prohibit changes to the base limitation for school districts and the local effort rate calculation under the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act
LB387 Linehan Change provisions relating to income tax rates
LB388 Linehan Adopt the Property Tax Growth Limitation Act, the Advertising Services Tax Act, and the Property Tax Relief Act and change provisions relating to revenue and taxation
LB389 Linehan Restrict the use of tax-increment financing
LB390 Clements Change provisions relating to ballots for early voting under the Election Act
LB391 Day Provide criminal and civil immunity for pregnancy outcomes
LB392 Ballard Authorize the electronic delivery of certain health benefit plan documents
LB393 Erdman Change regulation of detasseling and roguing and hybrid seed corn
LB394 Erdman Change provisions relating to the determination of damages as a result of eminent domain
LB395 Erdman Change the compensation of members of the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
LB396 Erdman Provide for streamflow augmentation projects and retention of water rights
LB397 Erdman Relocate the Game and Parks Commission headquarters to the city of Sidney, Nebraska
LB398 Erdman Change provisions relating to in lieu of tax payments by the Game and Parks Commission
LB399 Brewer Change provisions relating to certain proposed electric generation facilities and privately developed renewable energy generation facilities
LB400 Brewer Adopt the Nebraska Pheasant Restoration Act
LB401 Dorn State intent regarding appropriations to the Department of Natural Resources
LB402 Ballard Redefine home health agency under Health Care Facility Licensure Act
LB403 Vargas Change provisions relating to a craft brewery license under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB404 Vargas Change provisions relating to agreements between wholesalers and suppliers for the distribution of beer
LB405 Vargas Change provisions of the Non-English-Speaking Workers Protection Act
LB406 Brandt Change retirement system contribution rates for firefighters of cities of the first class
LB407 Linehan Extend an application deadline under the Nebraska Transformational Projects Act
LB408 Cavanaugh, M. Change provisions relating to conflicts of interest under the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act
LB409 Cavanaugh, M. Change provisions relating to individuals required to file a statement of financial interests under the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act
LB410 Cavanaugh, M. Change provisions relating to conflicts of interest under the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act
LB411 Dungan Appropriate funds for Wyuka Cemetery
LB412 Moser Provide powers for the Public Service Commission under the Nebraska Broadband Bridge Act
LB413 Blood Adopt the Interstate Teacher Mobility Compact
LB414 Conrad Change provisions relating to the enrollment option program
LB415 Dorn State intent regarding appropriations to the Department of Health and Human Services
LB416 Kauth Change provisions relating to the taxation of nonresident income
LB417 McDonnell Provide for a leadership academy for law enforcement professionals
LB418 Dungan Require certain policies issued by insurers to comply with federal minimum levels of financial responsibility for motor carriers as prescribed
LB419 Wishart Require submission of a medicaid state plan amendment to extend postpartum coverage
LB420 Raybould Require the state to pay counties for the cost of office and service facilities used for the administration of public assistance programs
LR21 Brewer Provide for a special committee of the Legislature to be known as the Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Study Committee