LB352 - Change criminal justice provisions including offenses, sentencing, set asides, restitution, pretrial diversion, and parole; provide for benefits under the Rural Health Systems and Professional Incentive Act; create criminal justice pilot programs; terminate an oversight committee; and create a task force

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  • Please refer to the detailed view for current progress.

  • Please refer to the detailed view for current progress.
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History   View Details


History   View Details

Date Action Journal Vote
Jan 03, 2024 Title printed. Carryover bill 49
Jun 01, 2023 Provisions/portions of LB352 amended into LB50 by AM1436 0
Jan 31, 2023 Hunt name added 435
Jan 25, 2023 Notice of hearing for February 01, 2023 378
Jan 17, 2023 Referred to Judiciary Committee 258
Jan 12, 2023 Date of introduction 222


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