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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LR203 Friesen Referral Interim study to examine issues surrounding the relocation of utilities within the public right-of-way
LR177 Friesen Referral Interim study to review issues under the jurisdiction of the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee
LR176 Friesen Referral Interim study to examine the provision of broadband telecommunication services within the state
LR175 Friesen Referral Interim study to conduct an examination of issues related to reforming the regulation of basic local exchange service rates charged by local exchange telecommunications carriers subject to the jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission
LR174 Friesen Referral Interim study to review the implementation of the 911 Service System Act
LB1104 Friesen Referral Change provisions relating to the special valuation of agricultural or horticultural land
LB1103 Friesen Referral Provide a minimum amount of state aid for each school district
LB1102 Friesen Referral Change provisions relating to distribution of taxes collected, license renewals and fees, and the tax on gross proceeds for county and city lotteries
LB1077 Friesen Referral Eliminate levy limits for school districts
LB1076 Friesen Referral Increase the documentary stamp tax and provide for the use of the revenue
LB1075 Friesen Referral Impose a fee on transfers of real estate
LB1031 Friesen Referral Change excavation notification and marking requirements and provide for large project planning meetings, rulemaking authority, and cost allocation under the One-Call Notification System Act
LB1030 Friesen General File Change the sales tax sourcing rules for certain motor vehicles and trailers
LB994 Friesen General File Create the Rural Broadband Study Task Force, change provisions relating to the Nebraska Telecommunications Universal Service Fund, and change powers and duties of the Public Service Commission as prescribed
LB993A Friesen Select File Appropriation Bill
LB993 Friesen Final Reading Add, change, and eliminate provisions relating to 911 service system planning and funding
LB966 Friesen General File Provide a sales and use tax exemption relating to dark fiber
LB940A Friesen E and R Initial Appropriation Bill
LB940 Friesen E and R Initial Change provisions of the Civic and Community Center Financing Act relating to fund use, grant request limits, property sale restrictions, and grant application priority
LB860 Friesen General File Provide for compensation for motor vehicle dealers affected by recalls and stop-sale orders
LB584 Friesen Passed Change provisions relating to mowing of weeds along roads
LB573 Friesen Referral Change local competition determinations and rate list filing requirements under the Nebraska Telecommunications Regulation Act and provide for a nonregulated activity
LB572 Friesen Referral Provide termination dates for the Property Tax Credit Act and the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act and change application deadlines under the Nebraska Advantage Act
LB571 Friesen Referral Change state aid for education relating to allocated income tax funds
LB570 Friesen Referral Provide a property tax exemption for all tangible personal property
LB569 Friesen Referral Establish the Community College Task Force and sunset community college levies
LB389 Friesen General File Adopt the Small Wireless Facilities Act
LB339 Friesen Passed Merge the Department of Aeronautics into the Department of Roads and rename as the Department of Transportation
LB310 Friesen Passed Change provisions relating to bridge carrying capacities and weight limits and operation restrictions for implements of husbandry
LB266 Friesen Referral Change the valuation of agricultural land and horticultural land
LB265 Friesen Referral Provide for a minimum amount of state aid based on the number of students in a local system
LB263A Friesen Passed Appropriation Bill
LB161 Friesen Passed Change a carryover period under the Nebraska Advantage Act
LB157 Friesen Final Reading Change the prepaid wireless surcharge determination and duties of sellers and the Department of Revenue under the Prepaid Wireless Surcharge Act
LB156 Friesen Referral Eliminate a termination date under the 911 Service System Act
LB144 Friesen Referral Change agricultural and horticultural adjusted valuations for calculating state aid to schools
LB143 Friesen Referral Provide a duty to carry exception for public power district motor vehicle or trailer registration certificates
LB98 Friesen General File Extend certain levy authority for natural resources districts