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44-2801 Legislative findings and intent.
44-2802 Terms, defined; common-law meaning; when.
44-2803 Health care provider, defined.
44-2804 Physician, defined.
44-2805 Patient, defined.
44-2806 Hospital, defined.
44-2807 Director, defined.
44-2808 Representative, defined.
44-2809 Tort, defined.
44-2810 Malpractice or professional negligence, defined.
44-2811 Health care, defined.
44-2812 Risk manager, defined.
44-2813 Occurrence, defined.
44-2814 Insurer, defined.
44-2815 Authority, defined.
44-2816 Informed consent, defined.
44-2817 Nonrefundable payments, benefits, or damages, defined.
44-2818 Health care provider; express or implied contract assuring results; liability; when.
44-2819 Bodily injuries or wrongful death actions; evidence of medical reimbursement insurance inadmissible; credit against judgment; damages recoverable.
44-2820 Action based on failure to obtain informed consent; burden of proof.
44-2821 Health care provider; failure to qualify under act; liability under common law; qualified under act; remedy; election not to be bound by act; procedure; post sign; contents.
44-2822 Claim for bodily injury or death; petition or complaint; file; damages.
44-2823 Repealed. Laws 2003, LB 216, § 25.
44-2824 Health care provider; qualify under act; conditions.
44-2825 Action for injury or death; maximum amount recoverable; settlement; manner; coverage; how treated.
44-2826 Advance payment; not construed as admission of liability; inadmissible as evidence; reduction or adjustment of judgment; claim not assignable.
44-2827 Health care provider; proof of financial responsibility; filing by insurer.
44-2827.01 General acute hospital; psychiatric or mental hospital operated by Board of Regents; physician employed by Board of Regents; risk-loss trust authorized; requirements; director; powers and duties; surcharge.
44-2828 Action to recover damages; limitation of action.
44-2829 Excess Liability Fund; created; how funded; use surcharge; premiums.
44-2830 Excess Liability Fund; surcharge, adjusted; when; reinsurance; effect.
44-2831 Excess Liability Fund; special surcharge; reinsurance.
44-2831.01 Applicability of change to law.
44-2832 Claims; paid; procedure; limitation.
44-2833 Claim; agreement to settle; procedure; settlement; judgment; appeal.
44-2834 Cause of action; attorney's fees; court costs; loss of earnings; when payable.
44-2835 Malpractice claim; settled or adjudicated to final judgment; report; contents; forwarded to Department of Health and Human Services.
44-2836 Malpractice liability insurance; limitation on liability; when; required policy provisions; insurer; failure to pay final judgment; effect.
44-2837 Residual Malpractice Insurance Authority; created; purpose; risk manager; powers and duties; compensation.
44-2838 Health care provider; unable to obtain coverage; apply to risk manager; decision; appeal.
44-2839 Health care professional liability insurance plan; contents; premiums; use.
44-2840 Medical review panels; review claims; procedure; waiver.
44-2841 Medical review panel; members; selection; procedure.
44-2842 Medical review panel; evidence considered; depositions; chairperson; duties.
44-2843 Medical review panel; access to information; written opinion; issuance; basis for.
44-2844 Request for review of a claim; filed; toll statute of limitations; panel report; admissible as evidence; panelist; immunity.
44-2845 Medical review panel; members; compensation; expert witness fee.
44-2846 Proceedings before panel; confidential; exception; waiver of privileges; when; witnesses; rights.
44-2847 Medical review panel; not to consider disputed questions of law; adviser to panel.
44-2848 Repealed. Laws 1994, LB 1223, § 135.
44-2849 Repealed. Laws 1994, LB 1223, § 135.
44-2850 Repealed. Laws 1994, LB 1223, § 135.
44-2851 Repealed. Laws 1994, LB 1223, § 135.
44-2852 Repealed. Laws 1994, LB 1223, § 135.
44-2853 Repealed. Laws 1994, LB 1223, § 135.
44-2854 Director; contract for administrative duties and responsibilities; supervisory authority.
44-2854.01 Rules and regulations.
44-2855 Act, how cited.