Nebraska Revised Statute 44-2839

Chapter 44


Health care professional liability insurance plan; contents; premiums; use.

The director shall adopt and promulgate a health care professional liability insurance plan pursuant to sections 44-2837 to 44-2839 which shall contain a requirement that the Excess Liability Fund shall participate in such plan. Such plan may contain such other reasonable provisions as the director shall deem necessary or sufficient to make the plan effective. The Excess Liability Fund shall receive all premiums paid under the plan, except the portion payable to the risk manager or paid in settlement of claims, and shall assume the risks relating to policies issued under the plan. The Department of Insurance shall be reimbursed from the fund for necessary expenses incurred in the administration of the Nebraska Hospital-Medical Liability Act. The director shall certify such expenses to the State Treasurer who shall reimburse the Department of Insurance for such services.