44-2837. Residual Malpractice Insurance Authority; created; purpose; risk manager; powers and duties; compensation.

(1) The purpose of sections 44-2837 to 44-2839 is to make malpractice liability insurance available to risks as defined in this section.

(2) There is hereby created the Residual Malpractice Insurance Authority. The Department of Insurance is hereby designated as the authority for the purposes of the Nebraska Hospital-Medical Liability Act. The authority shall be empowered to engage in writing medical malpractice liability insurance in this state pursuant to existing law and authorized to insure the health care provider against other liability for injury to persons or property caused by agents, employees, partners, or limited liability company members of the health care provider or by property used in or activities arising from the operations or business of the health care provider. Such insurance coverage against other liability may be provided to the health care provider by the authority only as supplemental professional liability insurance.

(3) The director may appoint a risk manager for the authority. The separate, personal, or independent assets of the risk manager shall not be liable for or subject to use or expenditure for the purpose of providing insurance by the authority.

(4) In the administration and provision for malpractice liability insurance by the authority, the risk manager shall:

(a) Be subject to all laws and regulations of this state which apply to malpractice insurance as provided in existing law;

(b) Prepare and file appropriate forms with the Department of Insurance;

(c) Prepare and file premium rates with the Department of Insurance which shall be based on accepted actuarial principles and accepted practices in the insurance industry;

(d) Perform the underwriting function;

(e) Dispose of all claims and litigation arising out of insurance policies;

(f) Maintain adequate books and records;

(g) File an annual financial statement regarding its operations under the Nebraska Hospital-Medical Liability Act with the Department of Insurance on forms prescribed by the director;

(h) Obtain private reinsurance for the authority, if available, and the cost thereof shall be paid from the Excess Liability Fund;

(i) Prepare and file a plan of operations with the director for approval; and

(j) Act fairly, reasonably, and responsibly in administering the plan.

(5) The risk manager shall receive as compensation for his or her services a percentage of all premiums received under the terms of this section which shall be computed on a fair and equitable basis as determined by the director. The compensation may be adjusted by the director from time to time.

Source:Laws 1976, LB 434, § 37; Laws 1984, LB 692, § 15; Laws 1993, LB 121, § 248; Laws 1994, LB 884, § 60.