Nebraska Revised Statute 44-2846

Chapter 44 Section 2846


Proceedings before panel; confidential; exception; waiver of privileges; when; witnesses; rights.

(1) Except for the introduction into evidence of the report of the panel, all proceedings before the medical review panel, all actions taken by any party or his counsel in preparation for such proceedings, and the submission of any matter to the medical review panel shall be handled on a confidential basis. Such hearing may not be conducted as a public hearing and the proceedings before the panel shall not be matters of public record.

(2) Initiation of proceedings before a medical review panel by a patient or his representative shall constitute waiver of any privilege or rights conferred by Chapter 27, article 5, as to any hospital records or testimony or records of any physician or surgeon who is attending or has attended such patient for physical or mental conditions or injuries or conditions involved in such proceeding to the same extent and with like effect as provided in Chapter 27, article 5. Any witness providing information or facts or opinions to the medical review panel shall be entitled to the immunities and protection provided to witnesses generally in court proceedings.


  • Laws 1976, LB 434, § 46.