Nebraska Revised Statute 44-2835

Chapter 44 Section 2835


Malpractice claim; settled or adjudicated to final judgment; report; contents; forwarded to Department of Health and Human Services.

(1) Each malpractice claim settled or adjudicated to final judgment against a health care provider under the Nebraska Hospital-Medical Liability Act shall be reported to the director by the plaintiff's attorney and by the health care provider or his or her insurer or risk manager within sixty days following final disposition of the claim. Such report to the director shall state the following:

(a) The nature of the claim;

(b) The alleged injury and the damages asserted;

(c) Attorney's fees and expenses incurred in connection with the claim or defense; and

(d) The amount of any settlement or judgment.

(2) The director shall forward the name of every health care provider, except a hospital, against whom a settlement has been made or judgment has been rendered under the act to the Department of Health and Human Services for such action, if any, as it deems to be appropriate under the circumstances.