Nebraska Revised Statute 44-2842

Chapter 44


Medical review panel; evidence considered; depositions; chairperson; duties.

(1) The evidence to be considered by the medical review panel shall be promptly submitted by the respective parties in written form only. If any party to the proceedings fails to submit his or her evidence within a reasonable time after notice from the panel requesting such evidence, the panel may proceed to decide the matter on the evidence previously submitted. The determination of reasonable time shall be made by the panel. The evidence submitted may consist of medical charts, X-rays, laboratory test results, excerpts of treatises, depositions of witnesses including parties, and any other form of evidence allowable by the medical review panel.

(2) Depositions of parties and witnesses may be taken prior to the convening of the panel and prior to the commencement of the action, but in such event the attorney for the medical care provider shall be furnished with a copy of the complaint which the claimant proposes to file at least ten days before any deposition is taken. The patient shall have the right to request and receive all medical and hospital records relating to his or her case which would be admissible in evidence in a court of law. The chairperson of the panel shall advise the panel relative to any legal question involved in the review proceeding and shall prepare the opinion of the panel. A copy of the evidence shall be sent to each member of the panel.

(3) Either party, after submission of all evidence and upon ten days' notice to the other side, shall have the right to convene the panel at a time and place agreeable to the members of the panel. At such time either party shall have the right to present argument concerning any matters relevant to issues to be decided by the panel before the issuance of its report. The chairperson of the panel shall preside at all meetings, which meetings shall be informal.

(4) If the members of the medical review panel have not convened within six months of the initiation of the proceeding, the judge may terminate the proceeding at the request of either party.