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24-701 Terms, defined.
24-701.01 Act, how cited.
24-701.02 Changes to act; operative; when.
24-702 Nebraska Retirement Fund for Judges; Nebraska Judges Retirement Act Expense Fund; created; use.
24-703 Judges; contributions; deductions; fees taxed as costs; payment; late fees; funding of retirement system; actuarial valuation; transfer of funds; adjustments.
24-703.01 Participation in retirement system; requirements.
24-703.02 Repealed. Laws 1998, LB 1191, § 85.
24-703.03 Elections authorized.
24-704 Administration of system; Public Employees Retirement Board, Auditor of Public Accounts, and Nebraska Investment Council; duties; employer education program.
24-704.01 Board; power to adjust contributions and benefits; overpayment of benefits; investigatory powers; subpoenas.
24-705 Technical and administrative employees; actuary; report; expenses.
24-706 Termination of employment; return of contributions, when; rejoining system.
24-706.01 Termination of employment prior to eligibility to retire; rejoining system; effect.
24-707 Death of judge; benefits spouse entitled to receive; contributions paid to beneficiary; when; direct transfer to retirement plan; death while performing qualified military service; additional death benefit.
24-707.01 Surviving spouse; benefits; applicable, when.
24-708 Retirement of judge; when; deferment of payment; board; duties.
24-708.01 Retired member; reemployment; how treated.
24-709 Judge; physically or mentally disabled; retirement; Commission on Judicial Qualifications; application; examination; benefits.
24-709.01 Judicial retirement proceedings before Commission on Judicial Qualifications; confidential.
24-709.02 Certain clerk magistrates; disabled; retirement; Public Employees Retirement Board; application; examination; benefits.
24-710 Judges; retirement annuity; amount; how computed; cost-of-living adjustment.
24-710.01 Judges; alternative contribution rate and retirement benefit; election; notice.
24-710.02 Retirement benefits; exemption from legal process; exception.
24-710.03 Judges; purchase of service credit; application of section.
24-710.04 Reemployment; military service; credit; effect; applicability.
24-710.05 Direct rollover; terms, defined; distributee; powers; board; powers.
24-710.06 Retirement system; accept payments and rollovers; limitations; board; powers.
24-710.07 Repealed. Laws 2011, LB 509, § 55.
24-710.08 Repealed. Laws 1999, LB 674, § 12.
24-710.09 Repealed. Laws 2011, LB 509, § 55.
24-710.10 Repealed. Laws 2011, LB 509, § 55.
24-710.11 Repealed. Laws 2011, LB 509, § 55.
24-710.12 Retirement system; accept transfers; limitations; how treated.
24-710.13 Judges who became members prior to July 1, 2015; annual benefit adjustment; cost-of-living adjustment calculation method.
24-710.14 Judges who became members on or after July 1, 2015; annual benefit adjustment.
24-710.15 Judges who became members on and after July 1, 2015; cost-of-living payment.
24-711 Retired judge; statement of facts; contents; false or fraudulent actions; prohibited acts; penalty; denial of benefits.
24-712 Annuity payments; continuation; physical examinations, when; cost.
24-713 State Treasurer; duties; warrants.
24-713.01 Limitation of actions.
24-713.02 Retirement system contributions, property, and rights; how treated.
24-713.03 Termination of system or contributions; effect.
24-714 Retirement of judge; effect; filling of vacancy.