Nebraska Revised Statute 24-709

Chapter 24


Judge; physically or mentally disabled; retirement; Commission on Judicial Qualifications; application; examination; benefits.

Any judge, except a clerk magistrate, who has become physically or mentally disabled, which disability seriously interferes with the performance of his or her duties and which disability is determined to be permanent or reasonably likely to become permanent, may, upon being found so disabled by the Commission on Judicial Qualifications, retire or be retired, and upon such retirement he or she shall be entitled to receive the retirement annuity as provided in section 24-710. Any judge, or the guardian of any judge, so permanently disabled desiring to so retire, shall file an application for such retirement with the commission, which application shall be in such form and contain such information as such commission shall require. Such commission may require such judge to be examined by a physician appointed by the commission and may require such other evidence and proof of disability as it deems necessary to reach a determination as to whether such judge is so permanently disabled. If the commission determines that any such judge is so permanently disabled, it shall promptly notify the judge and the Public Employees Retirement Board and thereupon such judge shall be placed on retirement by the board and receive the retirement annuity each month as is provided in section 24-710.


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