Nebraska Revised Statute 24-706

Chapter 24


Termination of employment; return of contributions, when; rejoining system.

(1) Upon termination of employment, any member whose service is terminated prior to age sixty-five for any cause other than death or disability may, upon request to the board:

(a) Have returned to him or her the total amount of contributions which he or she has made to the fund, plus regular interest, and the return of such contributions to such judge shall preclude such judge from any benefits under the Judges Retirement Act unless and until such judge again serves in such capacity and repays his or her withdrawals pursuant to section 24-706.01. If the member chooses not to repay such withdrawals with interest, the member shall enter the retirement system as a new member with no prior rights; or

(b) Leave his or her contributions in the fund and receive a retirement annuity as provided in sections 24-708 and 24-710.

(2) Any member whose service is terminated at or subsequent to age sixty-five shall be considered as beginning normal retirement and annuity payments shall begin as provided in section 24-710.