Nebraska Revised Statute 24-712

Chapter 24


Annuity payments; continuation; physical examinations, when; cost.

Annuity payments to a judge, who has retired under the provisions of section 24-708, shall continue until the end of the month in which such judge shall die. The last annuity payment and any other payments to which such judge shall be entitled and which have not been paid at the time of his or her death shall be paid to his or her beneficiary. A judge who is receiving annuity payments, under the provisions of section 24-709, shall continue to receive such annuities as long as he or she is permanently disabled, and if such judge shall die while so disabled, payment of annuities shall be terminated in the same manner as provided for a judge who dies subsequent to his or her retirement. Any judge, who is receiving annuities under the provisions of section 24-709, may be required by the commission to submit to a reexamination at any time. Any such judge shall have the right to a reexamination, upon an application to the commission, but not more often than once every six months. A physician appointed by the commission shall make such examinations and report his or her findings to the commission which shall make a determination. If the commission shall find that the permanent disability no longer exists, it shall so notify the judge and the board shall discontinue annuity payments to such judge unless the judge has in the meantime qualified for retirement by reason of his or her age. If any judge refuses to submit to such reexamination, the commission shall immediately terminate all annuity payments to such judge. Costs incurred by the commission for the services of a physician, as authorized by the provisions of section 24-709 and this section, shall be paid by the commission out of money from the fund.


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Cross References

  • Confidentiality of proceedings, see section 24-709.01.