Nebraska Revised Statute 24-705

Chapter 24


Technical and administrative employees; actuary; report; expenses.

The board shall have the power to secure and employ the services of such technical and administrative employees as are necessary to carry out the Judges Retirement Act. Pursuant to subdivision (2)(e) of section 84-1503, the board shall have an annual report prepared by a member of the American Academy of Actuaries showing a complete valuation of the present and prospective assets and liabilities of the fund created by the act. Such valuation shall be on the basis of actuarial assumptions recommended by the actuary, approved by the board, and kept on file with the board. The report shall further include a prospectus of the amount of the appropriation that will be required from the Legislature for the succeeding year. This report shall be furnished electronically to the Clerk of the Legislature at each regular session. Each member of the Legislature shall receive an electronic copy of such report by making a request for it to the director. The employees of the board shall be paid at such rates as the board shall approve. All administrative expenses shall be paid from the retirement fund.


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