Nebraska Revised Statute 24-709.02

Chapter 24


Certain clerk magistrates; disabled; retirement; Public Employees Retirement Board; application; examination; benefits.

(1) Clerk magistrates who were associate county judges and members of the fund at the time of their appointment as clerk magistrates shall have questions of disability decided by the Public Employees Retirement Board. Any such clerk magistrate may be retired as a result of disability either upon his or her own application or upon the application of an employer or any person acting in his or her behalf. Upon such retirement he or she shall be entitled to receive the retirement annuity as provided in section 24-710. Before any such clerk magistrate may be retired, a medical examination shall be made at the expense of the Nebraska Retirement Fund for Judges, which examination shall be conducted by a disinterested physician legally authorized to practice medicine under the laws of the state in which he or she practices, such physician to be selected by the board, and the physician shall certify to the board that the clerk magistrate is physically or mentally incapable of further performing his or her duties and should be retired. The application for disability retirement shall be made within one year of termination of employment.

(2) The board may require any such disability beneficiary who has not attained the age of sixty-five to undergo a medical examination at the expense of the board once each year. Should any disability beneficiary refuse to undergo such an examination, his or her disability retirement benefit may be discontinued by the board.


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