Nebraska Revised Statute 24-710.03

Chapter 24


Judges; purchase of service credit; application of section.

Any future member who has served as a judge for eighteen years but less than twenty years prior to July 15, 1992, and who has, prior to such date, contributed and earned the maximum benefit pursuant to subsection (2) of section 24-710 may purchase up to two years of service credit in order to qualify for the maximum benefit in effect after July 15, 1992. Service credit may only be purchased for actual time served as a judge. The amount to be paid shall not exceed the amount the member would have paid into the system based on the compensation and two years of service immediately following the year in which the member reached the maximum benefit in effect prior to July 15, 1992, plus the interest on that amount which would have accrued under the retirement system provided by the Judges Retirement Act. Any payment made pursuant to this section by a member to qualify for the maximum benefit in effect after July 15, 1992, shall be received by the retirement system office by December 31, 1993. Any such payment shall be made in a single lump sum.

This section shall not apply to any member who retires prior to July 15, 1992.


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