Introduced Legislation for January 5th, 2023

108th Legislature, 1st Regular Session - Day 2

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Document Introducer Description
LB1 Executive Board: Briese, Chairperson Eliminate obsolete provisions relating to funds that have terminated
LB2 Sanders Create the Commission on Asian American Affairs
LB3 Sanders Change provisions for tax levies for bonds issued by political subdivisions
LB4 Sanders Change homestead exemption provisions relating to qualifications, application requirements, and penalties
LB5 Blood Provide for compensability under Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act for mental injuries resulting from workplace violence
LB6 Blood Prohibit conditional use permits and zoning exceptions for delinquent property taxpayers
LB7 Blood Provide a statute of limitations for exposure to hazardous or toxic chemicals
LB8 Blood Change provisions of the Mobile Home Landlord and Tenant Act and provide for certificates of title and liens for abandoned mobile homes
LB9 Blood Change independent expenditure reporting requirements and require electioneering reporting
LB10 Blood Change motor vehicle and property tax exemptions for disabled veterans
LB11 Blood Change provisions relating to domestic abuse protection orders
LB12 Blood Create the Nebraska Human Breast Milk Bank
LB13 Blood Require coverage of human breast milk under the Medical Assistance Act
LB14 Dungan Change provisions under the Young Adult Bridge to Independence Act
LB15 Briese Change provisions of the Wage and Hour Act
LB16 Briese Require occupational boards to issue certain credentials based on credentials or work experience in another jurisdiction and make a determination regarding an applicant with a criminal conviction, provide for jurisprudential examinations and appeals from denial of a license, and change requirements for membership of the State Electrical Board
LB17 Dungan Authorize possession of a firearm on school grounds by a full-time, off-duty law enforcement officer
LB18 Wayne Provide for motions for new trial based on newly discovered evidence
LB19 Wayne Change dollar amount thresholds for criminal penalty classifications
LB20 Wayne Provide for restoration of voting rights upon completion of a felony sentence or probation for a felony
LB21 Wayne Change provisions relating to the city council of a city of the metropolitan class
LB22 Wayne Decriminalize use and possession of marijuana
LB23 Wayne Change provisions relating to interventions in paternity proceedings
LB24 Wayne Change tax provisions relating to cigars, cheroots, and stogies
LB25 Wayne Authorize punitive damages as prescribed and provide for distribution
LB26 Wayne Adopt the Rural Municipal Broadband Access Act
LB27 Dungan Change provisions relating to appointment of counsel for defendants
LB28 Erdman Change provisions relating to decisions on appeals under the Tax Equalization and Review Commission Act
LB29 Erdman Change provisions relating to the assessment of real property that suffers significant property damage
LB30 Dungan Provide for answers of no contest in adjudication hearings under the Nebraska Juvenile Code
LB31 Jacobson Require train crews of at least two individuals as prescribed
LB32 Jacobson Change requirements for issuers of medicare supplement insurance policies or certificates relating to coverage of individuals under sixty-five years of age who are eligible for medicare by reason of disability or end-stage renal disease
LB33 Jacobson Change provisions relating to the powers of mayors in certain cities and eliminate obsolete 2020 redistricting provisions
LB34 Dungan Provide for a presumption of disposition under the Nebraska Juvenile Code for crimes committed by defendants under eighteen years of age and change the definition of juvenile under the code
LB35 DeBoer Change provisions relating to child care assistance
LB36 DeBoer Change individual income tax brackets and rates
LB37 Dungan Change motor vehicle identification inspection requirements
LB38 Blood Provide an income tax adjustment relating to federal retirement annuities
LB39 Blood Require disability impact statements for certain legislation
LB40 Blood Adopt the Riparian and Water Quality Practices Act
LB41 Hansen, B. Prohibit state agencies from imposing annual filing and reporting requirements on charitable organizations
LB42 Hansen, B. Change provisions relating to child abuse and neglect under the Child Protection and Family Safety Act and the Nebraska Juvenile Code
LB43 Sanders Require hearing officers and judges to interpret statutes and regulations to limit agency power and maximize individual liberty
LB44 Dungan Adopt the Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Compact
LB45 Dorn Create the Revitalize Rural Nebraska Grant Program
LB46 Dorn Appropriate funds to the Department of Health and Human Services for a provider rate study
LB47 Dorn Change notice requirements under the Open Meetings Act for certain fire districts
LB48 Dorn Appropriate money to the State Department of Education for educational service units
LB49 Dungan Change provisions relating to solar energy and wind energy, declare certain instruments void and unenforceable, and provide for a civil cause of action
LB50 Wayne Change provisions relating to the administration of justice
LB51 Briese Change provisions relating to the use of the state's telecommunications system
LB52 Lippincott Eliminate a limitation on the amount of tuition credits available to Nebraska National Guard members
LB53 McKinney Create El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, Malcolm X Day and establish a holiday
LB54 McKinney Require the office of Legislative Research to prepare racial impact statements for legislative bills
LB55 McKinney Change provisions relating to self-sufficiency contracts and work activity requirements under the Welfare Reform Act
LB56 McKinney Adopt the Diaper Changing Accommodation Act
LB57 Cavanaugh, M. Adopt the Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act
LB58 Cavanaugh, J. Provide a sales and use tax exemption for diapers
LB59 Cavanaugh, J. Change provisions relating to limitations for a postconviction relief action
LB60 Cavanaugh, J. Change provisions relating to room confinement of juveniles and required reports
LB61 Brandt Authorize leasing of dark fiber and eliminate certain powers of the Public Service Commission
LB62 Cavanaugh, M. Provide for coverage of translation and interpretation services under the medical assistance program
LB63 Bostar Require withholding of distributions to telecommunications companies from the Nebraska Telecommunications Universal Service Fund
LB64 Day Require the Department of Health and Human Services to provide notice in certain cases of child abuse and neglect
LB65 Day Change provisions relating to the complaint tracking system and disciplinary action under the Child Care Licensing Act
LB66 Slama Change provisions relating to the regulation and operation of all-terrain vehicles and utility-type vehicles
LB67 Slama Provide a duty for the State Treasurer regarding deposits of public funds
LB68 Slama Increase limits on medical malpractice liability and change provisions of the Nebraska Hospital-Medical Liability Act
LB69 Jacobson Provide requirements for life insurance policies
LB70 Cavanaugh, M. Eliminate the fee for certain state identification cards and certified copies of birth certificates for voting purposes
LB71 Sanders Change provisions relating to parental involvement in and access to learning materials in schools
LB72 Aguilar Redefine the term gross proceeds for purposes of the Nebraska County and City Lottery Act
LB73 Aguilar Change provisions relating to authorized uses for a County Visitors Improvement Fund
LB74 Linehan Change sales tax provisions relating to purchasing agents
LB75 Vargas Provide for review of incidents of severe maternal morbidity
LB76 Bostar Provide access to certain information relating to probationers, juveniles, and parolees to law enforcement agencies
LB77 Brewer Provide for carrying of concealed handguns without a permit, change provisions relating to concealed weapons, and prohibit certain regulation of weapons by cities, villages, and counties
LB78 Day Redefine massage therapy under the Massage Therapy Practice Act
LB79 Erdman Adopt the Nebraska EPIC Option Consumption Tax Act
LB80 Aguilar State intent regarding appropriations to the Department of Veterans' Affairs
LB81 Aguilar Change number of county judges in Buffalo and Hall counties
LB82 DeBoer Provide reporting duties for Department of Correctional Services, require development of strategic plan, and eliminate obsolete provisions relating to a working group
LB83 DeBoer Adopt the Uniform Community Property Disposition at Death Act and change provisions relating to court jurisdiction
LB84 Day Change provisions relating to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
LB85 Day Provide for express lane eligibility under the Medical Assistance Act and the Children's Health Insurance Program
LB86 Hunt Require public works contractors to pay the state minimum wage
LB87 Hunt Allow persons eighteen years of age to make health care decisions and persons under nineteen years of age in correctional facilities to consent to medical and mental health care
LB88 Hunt Change provisions relating to eligibility for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits
LB89 Hunt Repeal provisions stating that surrogate parenthood contracts are void and unenforceable
LB90 Dorn Change provisions relating to tax incentive performance audits
LB91 Hansen, B. Change motorcycle, moped, and autocycle helmet and eye protection provisions
LR1CA Blood Constitutional amendment to require the Legislature to reimburse political subdivisions as prescribed
LR2CA Erdman Constitutional amendments to change from a unicameral legislature to a bicameral legislature, provide for election of members of the Legislature on a partisan ballot, require election of legislative officers and committee chairpersons by a public vote, and require all meetings of the Legislature to be open to the public
LR3CA Cavanaugh, J. Constitutional amendment to provide for nonpartisan nomination and election of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Auditor of Public Accounts, and State Treasurer
LR4CA Cavanaugh, M. Constitutional amendment to remove felony convictions other than treason from being a disqualification for voting
LR5 Blood Legislative Resolution to ratify an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to regulation of child labor
LR6CA Erdman Constitutional amendment to prohibit governmental entities from imposing any taxes other than retail consumption taxes and excise taxes
LR7CA Erdman Constitutional amendment to require the state to impose a consumption tax or an excise tax on all new goods and services and to provide a tax exemption for grocery items