Introduced Legislation for January 10th, 2017

105th Legislature, 1st Regular Session - Day 5

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Document Introducer Description
LB164 Geist Change provisions relating to trailers, commercial motor vehicle disqualification provisions, accident reports, and motor vehicle records disclosure and authorize the Department of Motor Vehicles to keep and sell certain registration and certificate of title records
LB165 Brewer Require employer identification numbers and use of the federal immigration verification system
LB166 Kolterman Change provisions of Uniform Controlled Substances Act and Pharmacy Practice Act
LB167 Ebke Include cannabidiol as a Schedule V controlled substance
LB168 Ebke Change provisions relating to rights of subrogation of medical payments with respect to automobile liability policies
LB169 Wayne Exempt social security benefits and retirement income from income taxation
LB170 Albrecht Deny claims made against the state
LB171 Albrecht Provide for payment of claims against the state
LB172 Albrecht Change the Employment Security Law
LB173 Morfeld Prohibit discrimination based upon sexual orientation and gender identity
LB174 Morfeld Adopt the Apprenticeship Training Program Tax Credit Act
LB175 Morfeld Adopt the Student Online Personal Protection Act
LB176 Bostelman Eliminate obsolete provisions related to milldams
LB177 Bostelman Change provisions relating to apportionable and fleet vehicles, motor fuel tax collections and enforcement, and powers and duties of the Director of Motor Vehicles
LB178 Bolz Provide for sexual assault protection order
LB179 Bolz Change provisions relating to transition of young adults to independence
LB180 Bolz Provide for bridge orders transferring juvenile court jurisdiction of a juvenile to a district court
LB181 Quick Provide for reimbursement to employees for certain medical examinations under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
LB182 Hughes Change powers and duties of the Department of Environmental Quality under the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Act
LB183 Hughes Authorize change of nomination and election provisions for county officers
LB184 Lindstrom Change provisions relating to loan brokerage agreements, disclosure documents, and rights to cancel
LB185 Lindstrom Provide procedure and notice requirements and powers and duties for the Department of Banking and Finance with respect to certain abandoned license applications
LB186 Lindstrom Change provisions relating to licensee surety bonds under the Nebraska Money Transmitters Act
LB187 Schumacher Increase a dollar threshold for transactions exempt from registration under the Securities Act of Nebraska, provide for an annual adjustment to such amount, and provide for the effect of exempt sales on malpractice premiums
LB188 Howard Change provisions relating to paternity of a child conceived as a result of sexual assault
LB189 Howard Appropriate funds to the Department of Health and Human Services for recruitment and retention of caseworkers
LB190 Kintner Provide limit on tax on cigars, cheroots, and stogies
LB191 Pansing Brooks Provide for renewals of domestic violence protection orders
LB192 Pansing Brooks Change and modernize provisions relating to the qualifying and summoning of jurors
LB193 Pansing Brooks Change provisions relating to courts
LB194 Vargas Change provisions of the Credit Services Organization Act, Delayed Deposit Services Licensing Act, and Nebraska Installment Loan Act
LB195 Craighead Require notification following mammography as prescribed
LB196 Craighead Revise powers of state-chartered banks, building and loan associations, and credit unions
LB197 Kolowski Provide for electronic application for an early voting ballot
LB198 McCollister Terminate the Crimes Against Children Fund
LB199 McCollister Eliminate certain state aid to counties for law enforcement and jail operations
LB200 Lowe Change provisions relating to county engineers, county surveyors, and county highway superintendents in certain counties as prescribed
LB201 Lowe Change provisions relating to perjury and the issuance of search warrants
LB202 Lowe Create the offense of obstructing government operations by refusing to submit to a chemical test authorized by search warrant
LB203 Kuehn Change provisions relating to maximum annual unemployment benefits and disqualification for benefits and authorize electronic notice
LB204 Hilgers Change provisions relating to appeals to the Supreme Court, service on employees of the state, and summary judgment
LB205 Krist Designate funds appropriated to the Department of Health and Human Services for state aid
LB206 Krist Appropriate funds to the Department of Health and Human Services for developmental disability services
LB207 Krist Change provisions relating to powers and duties of the Office of Inspector General of Nebraska Child Welfare
LB208 Lindstrom Change provisions relating to broker trust accounts under the Nebraska Real Estate License Act
LB209 Watermeier Amend the Administrative Procedure Act by redefining a term and changing provisions relating to an index
LB210 Watermeier Change provisions relating to performance audit standards and the distribution of reports under the Legislative Performance Audit Act
LB211 Hansen Change the minimum wage for persons compensated by way of gratuities
LB212 Hansen Adopt the In the Line of Duty Compensation Act
LB213 Hansen Add an unfair claims settlement practice under the Unfair Insurance Claims Settlement Practices Act
LB214 Halloran Terminate the Master Teacher Program
LB215 Harr Adopt the Nebraska E-15 Tax Credit Act
LB216 Harr Adopt the Redistricting Act
LB217 Harr Change revenue, taxation, economic development, and tax incentive provisions
LB218 Groene Provide for installation of ground water pumps by public entities
LB219 Nebraska Retirement Systems Committee Change retirement system provisions relating to authorized benefit elections and actuarial assumptions
LB220 Harr Adopt the Insured Homeowners Protection Act
LB221 Stinner Change the transfer from a fund
LB222 Stinner Change membership and provide, change, and eliminate powers and duties of the Nebraska Tourism Commission
LB223 Kuehn Change provisions relating to prescription drug monitoring
LB224 Crawford Change asset limitation provisions relating to public assistance
LB225 Crawford Change provisions of the Child Protection and Family Safety Act, the Nebraska Juvenile Code, the Foster Care Review Act, and the Nebraska Strengthening Families Act as prescribed
LB226 Wishart Provide for purchase of motor vehicles and insurance by certain juveniles, change foster care transition proposal provisions, and provide immunity from liability for caregivers
LB227 Wishart Create the Brain Injury Council and Brain Injury Trust Fund
LB228 Harr Change provisions relating to rent-restricted housing projects
LB229 Williams Change provisions relating to garnishment
LB230 Watermeier Create the Nebraska Economic Development Advisory Committee
LR8 Ebke Extend sympathy to the family of former Senator Donald L. Eret and recognize his service to the State of Nebraska
LR9 Krist Extend sympathy to the family of former Senator John Wightman and recognize his service to the State of Nebraska