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54-625 Act, how cited. Print Friendly
54-626 Terms, defined. Print Friendly
54-627 License requirements; fees; premises available for inspection. Print Friendly
54-627.01 Licensees; maintain written veterinary care plan or written emergency veterinary care plan. Print Friendly
54-628 Inspection program; department; powers; reinspection fee; prohibited acts; penalty. Print Friendly
54-628.01 Director; stop-movement order; issuance; contents; hearing; department; powers; costs; reinspection; hearing. Print Friendly
54-628.02 Violation of act, rule or regulation, or order of director; proceedings authorized. Print Friendly
54-629 Rules and regulations. Print Friendly
54-630 Application; denial; grounds; appeal. Print Friendly
54-631 Licensee; duties; disciplinary actions. Print Friendly
54-632 Notice or order; service requirements; hearing; appeal. Print Friendly
54-633 Enforcement powers; administrative fine. Print Friendly
54-633.01 Special investigator; powers; referral to another law enforcement officer. Print Friendly
54-634 Violation; penalty. Print Friendly
54-634.01 Prohibited acts. Print Friendly
54-635 Commercial Dog and Cat Operator Inspection Program Cash Fund; created; use; investment. Print Friendly
54-636 Department; enforcement powers. Print Friendly
54-637 Information on spaying and neutering; requirements. Print Friendly
54-638 Provision for spaying or neutering; when. Print Friendly
54-639 Adopter or purchaser; agreement; requirements. Print Friendly
54-640 Commercial dog or cat breeder; duties. Print Friendly
54-641 Licensees; primary enclosures; requirements. Print Friendly
54-641.01 Commercial dog breeder; dogs; opportunity for exercise. Print Friendly
54-641.02 Commercial dog breeder; veterinary care; review of health records; duties of breeder. Print Friendly
54-641.03 Breeding dog; microchip; identification. Print Friendly
54-642 Department; submit report of costs and revenue. Print Friendly
54-643 Administrative fines; disposition; lien; collection. Print Friendly