54-628.02. Violation of act, rule or regulation, or order of director; proceedings authorized.

Whenever the director has reason to believe that any person has violated any provision of the Commercial Dog and Cat Operator Inspection Act, any rule or regulation adopted and promulgated pursuant to the act, or any order of the director, the director may issue a notice of hearing as provided in section 54-632 requiring the person to appear before the director to (1) show cause why an order should not be entered requiring such person to cease and desist from the violation charged, (2) determine whether an administrative fine should be imposed or levied against the person pursuant to subsection (2) of section 54-633, or (3) determine whether the person fails to qualify for a license pursuant to section 54-630. Proceedings initiated pursuant to this section shall not preclude the department from pursuing other administrative, civil, or criminal actions according to law.

Source:Laws 2015, LB360, ยง 18.