Nebraska Revised Statute 54-641.02

Chapter 54


Commercial dog breeder; veterinary care; review of health records; duties of breeder.

(1) A commercial dog breeder shall ensure that each dog under his or her care, supervision, or control receives adequate veterinary care. A commercial dog breeder's written veterinary care plan shall provide for, in addition to requirements prescribed by rule and regulation of the department:

(a) The maintenance of individual health records for each dog bought, raised, or otherwise obtained, held, kept, maintained, sold, donated, or otherwise disposed of, including by death or euthanasia, except that litter health records may be kept on litters when litter mates are treated with the same medication or procedure;

(b) Establishment of a program of disease control and prevention, pest and parasite control, before and after procedure care, nutrition, and euthanasia supervised by the attending veterinarian. Such program shall provide for regularly scheduled onsite visits to the facility by the veterinarian and shall be annually reviewed and updated by the veterinarian at the time of an onsite visit that includes the veterinarian's walk-through of the facility and observation by the veterinarian of dogs under the commercial dog breeder's care, supervision, or control; and

(c) A wellness examination by a licensed veterinarian of each breeding dog at least once every three years, to include a basic physical and dental examination and corresponding notations entered into the dog's health records. Such examination shall not require laboratory analysis unless directed by the veterinarian.

(2) During regularly scheduled inspections of a commercial dog breeder's facility conducted by the department, the health records of a random sample of at least five percent of the breeding dogs shall be reviewed to verify that such records correspond to the dog's permanent identification and verify that the health records are properly maintained.

(3) For each dog under the commercial dog breeder's care, supervision, or control, the breeder shall:

(a) Ensure that all breeding dogs receive regular grooming. Coat matting shall not exceed ten percent, and nails shall be trimmed short enough to ensure the comfort of the dog;

(b) Contact a licensed veterinarian without delay after an occurrence of a serious or life-threatening injury or medical condition of such dog. The dog shall be treated as prescribed by the veterinarian;

(c) Ensure that all surgical births or other surgical procedures shall be performed by a licensed veterinarian using anesthesia. Commercial dog breeders may remove dew claws and perform tail docking under sterile conditions within the first seven days of the dog's life. Wounds shall be treated and monitored by the breeder; and

(d) Ensure that, if euthanasia is necessary, it shall be performed by a licensed veterinarian in accordance with recommendations for the humane euthanization of dogs as published by the American Veterinary Medical Association.