54-638. Provision for spaying or neutering; when.

Provision shall be made for spaying or neutering all dogs and cats released for adoption or purchase from any public or private animal shelter, animal rescue, or animal control facility operated by a humane society, a county, a city, or another political subdivision. Such provision may be made by:

(1) Causing the dog or cat to be spayed or neutered by a licensed veterinarian before releasing the dog or cat for adoption or purchase; or

(2) Entering into a written agreement with the adopter or purchaser of the dog or cat, guaranteeing that spaying or neutering will be performed by a licensed veterinarian in compliance with an agreement which shall contain the following information:

(a) The date of the agreement;

(b) The name, address, and signature of the releasing entity and the adopter or purchaser;

(c) A description of the dog or cat to be adopted or purchased;

(d) A statement, in conspicuous bold print, that spaying or neutering of the dog or cat is required pursuant to this section; and

(e) The date by which the spaying or neutering will be completed, which date shall be (i) in the case of an adult dog or cat, the thirtieth day after the date of adoption or purchase or (ii) in the case of a pup or kitten, either (A) the thirtieth day after a specified date estimated to be the date the pup or kitten will reach six months of age or (B) if the releasing entity has a written policy recommending spaying or neutering of certain pups or kittens at an earlier date, the thirtieth day after such date.

Source:Laws 2003, LB 274, § 5; Laws 2010, LB910, § 9.