Nebraska Revised Statute 54-640

Chapter 54


Commercial dog or cat breeder; duties.

A commercial dog or cat breeder shall:

(1) Maintain housing facilities and primary enclosures in a sanitary condition;

(2) Enable all dogs and cats to remain dry and clean;

(3) Provide shelter and protection from extreme temperatures and weather conditions that may be uncomfortable or hazardous to the dogs and cats;

(4) Provide sufficient shade to shelter all the dogs and cats housed in the primary enclosure at one time;

(5) Provide dogs and cats with easy and convenient access to adequate amounts of clean food and water;

(6) Provide dogs with adequate socialization. For purposes of this subdivision, adequate socialization means physical contact with other dogs and with human beings, other than being fed;

(7) Assure that a handler's hands are washed before and after handling each infectious or contagious cat;

(8) Maintain a written veterinary care plan developed in conjunction with an attending veterinarian; and

(9) Provide veterinary care without delay when necessary.