Nebraska Revised Statute 54-637

Chapter 54


Information on spaying and neutering; requirements.

(1) Every dealer, commercial dog or cat breeder, animal shelter, animal rescue, animal control facility, or pet shop or any other retailer, who transfers ownership of a dog or cat to an ultimate consumer, shall deliver to the ultimate consumer of each dog or cat at the time of sale, written material, in a form determined by such seller, containing information on the benefits of spaying and neutering. The written material shall include recommendations on establishing a relationship with a veterinarian, information on early-age spaying and neutering, the health benefits associated with spaying and neutering pets, the importance of minimizing the risk of homeless or unwanted animals, and the need to comply with applicable license laws.

(2) The delivering of any model materials prepared by the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council or the Nebraska Humane Society shall satisfy the requirements of subsection (1) of this section.